Alddo Molinar and the World of Anesthesia

Despite being the son of two Mexican immigrants, Alddo Molinar, a U.S citizen by birth, has become one of the most highly regarded anesthesiologists in East Ohio. Molinar began shaping his medical career from an early age. Unlike his peers, Alddo Molinar could pick up different skills with lots of ease. His interest in the medical field was again majorly contributed by the pain and suffering he saw his grandparents go through when they had cancer up to the point they succumbed to their illness. The experience made him vow to find ways to make people experience less suffering when ill.

Dr. Alddo Molinar

To hone his medical skills, Alddo Molinar joined the Dallas-based University of Texas Southwestern. Alddo Molinar then proceeded to Cleveland Clinic, where he did his medical residency. Currently, Alddo Molinar holds positions in the East Ohio Regional Hospitals as the Medical Director of Anesthesia and Department of Anesthesiology chairman. Furthermore, at Molinar Anesthesia Consultants LLC, he serves as the president. In an interview, specialized anesthesiologist and medical care medicine expert Alddo Molinar reveals different ways he brings his ideas to life. For a start, he mentions that it is easy for him to bring his ideas to life if they are of good quality. 


Critical care medicine expert and anesthesiologist Alddo Molinar states that every time he thinks of an excellent idea, he notes it down to allow him to go through it later. Molinar also reveals that his ideas can only be achieved when a good team surrounds him. Alddo Molinar reveals that despite having a good idea, sharing them with different people is wise to get their perspective on the idea. Besides, Molinar ensures that his goals are well stated and are clear. As such, his patients get the best outcome out of his services.

When asked about the trend that excites him, Alddo Molinar reveals that technological evolution takes the lead. Alddo is amazed at how technology has changed things, especially in the medical field. The critical care medicine expert appreciates that the number of microcontrollers and sensors in the medical field has increased right now. Alddo Molinar further mentions how the quality of patient care has also improved due to Artificial Technology in medicine. Alddo further appreciates the different software that has also improved patient care, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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