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Dr. Jeffrey H. Harris, Former Chief Economist of the SEC, Gives Approval of the Online Trading Academy and Their New Platform, CliK

The Online Trading Academy (OTA) reached out to the former Chief Economist of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Dr. Jeffrey H. Harris, to gain his opinion on the content and structure of their academy. After reviewing their material, classes, and online sessions, Dr. Harris gave his resounding approval. He believes that the OTA is on par with other universities that cover the same materials. The OTA provides at-home, hands-on learning opportunities that are not often available at other learning institutions.

According to him, many financial educations do not provide the exposure to derivatives markets that the OTA gives its students. In his opinion, experiential learning is the most necessary kind of learning. The OTA’s new analysis and trading platform, CliK, provides students with a solid theoretical foundation while also supporting their experiential learning in a structured framework of interactive online classes. He states that this system is much more user-centric and that it allows the learner to focus on their individual trade plan while learning how to be disciplined in their risk management. Dr. Harris stated that he appreciates how CliK has simplified and automated steps that were formerly manual. This then allows students to focus more on logic and economics and less on complicated online procedures.

Dr. Harris laments the fact that the majority of people have had such limited exposure to financial education. He believes that it is a life skill that should be available to all. By increasing financial education, more people can participate in the public markets. The OTA and Dr. Harris hope that more people will take advantage of the availability and structure that the academy provides.

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Former Chief Economist of the SEC – Is online Trading Academy Legit?

There are numerous financial problems in the current world today. However, these struggles have a solution that can help anyone secure their future. For over 20 years, Online Trading Academy (OTA) has dedicated its time to offer investing and trading education to its students. Terms such as education, learning, and training are inevitable in OTA.

According to the former Chief Economist of the SEC, Dr. Jeffery Harris, despite the extensive use of the word “education”, it’s never equally provided. Most financial institutions offer theoretical education leaving out practical skills which are vital in an entrepreneurship career. In OTA, students are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to trade and invest.

In the interview, Dr. Jeffrey Harris noted that he has partnered with American University to provide financial education to many people. He points out that most financial majors have little to no exposure to trading techniques that OTA provides. As an entrepreneur, you take several risks and face daily challenges. Dr. Harris added that in OTA, the young entrepreneurs are taught trading disciplines and risk management techniques. As a result, OTA learners can easily overcome these challenges, unlike students from other universities.

Dr. Jeffrey Harris said that the financial education offered in OTA is effective to the upcoming entrepreneur. They aim at extending education to everyone. They are also providing quality financial education that equips the learners with necessary skills that are beneficial to their careers.

About Online Trading Academy

Online Trading Academy is one of the best institutions that offer financial education. It was founded in 1997 in Irvine, CA. Students learn online from knowledgeable professors with various learning resources. OTA has served more than 80,000 upcoming entrepreneurs with a long-life education.

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Georgette Mulheir and Her Plight for the People of Haiti

Georgette Mulheir coordinated to defend Haiti’s Democracy Coalition of International Human Rights Defenders. Recently, during the same timeframe that the United Nations Security Council gathered to cover security in countries of unrest, protesters gathered and threatened this plight of peace. This threat shows us how volatile that peace is. It shows how volatile a system can be as well. Haiti has always had slavery. The struggle for individual freedom in Haiti still struggles on. Georgette Mulheir, a spokesperson for democracy in Haiti, addressed the unique history of the place. There are talks about the corruption behind the scene and other indiscretions. Around 2014, she began working to rebuild the country. She has addressed topics like the human trafficking of children since the earthquake around that same time. 


Georgette Mulheir spoke of fake orphanages that exist to take the children of poor families for trafficking. Her outstanding publications are some of the most extensive research on social services and the abusive tendencies towards those in need all around the world. The country of Haiti has become her plight to achieve peace and freedom for the children of the country and the parents who brought them into the world. As an activist, Georgette Mulheir began her plight to help others in Sheffield, where she worked in social services. It was there that she first discovered how volatile the unrest in Haiti has become. In 2014, her work gained her notoriety and she received one of the 30 most influential social workers in the world. 

In 2015, she won the Disruptive Innovation Award in Tribeca for her work. Her education at Sheffield University was first inspired by her family. Georgette Mulheir´s mother was a resident social worker in Sheffield. She is well-known for her Ted Talks on the state of orphanages. She is working hard to bring awareness of other methods for caring for the children in need of homes. Human rights defendant and activist Georgette Mulheir has also addressed this political crisis of democracy. Dictatorship reigns supreme in Haiti and Georgette Mulheir spoke of the gangs within the country, making the struggle even more complex. Voter suppression is an enormous problem in the Haiti country, as are the kidnappings and protestors against freedom and peace.

Thomas Neyhart PosiGen CEO: A Community Company

PosiGen is a solar energy installment company 100% committed to the communities it serves. Homeowners can choose from solar energy installment leasing or purchasing with either decision providing saving benefits to the customer. As Thomas Neyhart assures, PosiGen offers an evaluation of your home for implementing energy-efficient maintenance. Free demonstrations are available. The use of solar energy first involves PosiGen designing and engineering for your specific home. 


PosiGen solar power company does the work for you by seeking permits and approval to install. Then, comes the installation. Once installation is inspected and accepted, PosiGen activates its services. For leasing customers, a low, fixed monthly payment that includes monitoring and maintenance of your solar energy system. According to Thomas Neyhart, current CEO at PosiGen, no minimum credit required and a no-cost upfront because the installation is included in your monthly payment. Homeowners will have the benefit of having no electricity bill, a low electricity bill, or building up electricity credit for any future bills incurred. 


For homeowners wishing to purchase their system, an increased home value is the highest reward achieved. Financing options with a 12-year agreement to monitor your solar panel system are included with your installation. PosiGen does not exclude the non-solar panel buyer when delivering its benefits to the homeowner community. Energy-efficient audits are conducted on specific areas such as windows, plumbing, and doors to name a few. Your duct system, Thomas Neyhart points out when talking about procedures at PosiGen company, ceilings, and walls could contain correctable flaws to decrease your monthly utility bills. Once maintenance is complete homeowners can add the value of this money-saving technique to the price of selling in the future.

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Peter Briger Bringing Wall Street One Step Closer to Bitcoin

Peter Briger, co-founder of the New York investment group Fortress, had a conference in the winter of 2013 in his headquarters with several executives from Wells Fargo where he discussed the possibilities of the digital currency Bitcoin. In that conference, Peter Briger brings up a major benefit of Bitcoin, which is its “ability to send money instantaneously”, as Wells Fargo’s own payment network services are currently being challenged by the instantaneous results provided by digital currencies like Bitcoin.

While Wells Fargo was, in the end, reluctant to open up to digital currency due to its shaky performance overall, and while Fortress had to scale back its plans for Bitcoin as a result of Wells Fargo’s indecision, it nonetheless allows Peter Briger to bring Wall Street closer to seizing the opportunities of Bitcoin in the near future.

Even the road to this initial conference between Fortress and Wells Fargo wasn’t simple and easy. It was only on January 2013 when Peter Briger began his interest in Bitcoin due to a meeting he had with Wences Casares, a successful entrepreneur for startup companies, among other entrepreneurs about the same benefits and possibilities of Bitcoin. Convinced of the vast superiority of the efficiency of sending Bitcoin via a renegade exchange network, compared to established currencies through traditional financial institutions, Peter Briger went ahead the following summer of 2013 to have professional traders buy Bitcoin to set up a fund for Fortress in the near future.

During that period, Briger attempted to have his first meeting with Wells Fargo about Bitcoin, only for the institution to deny any partnership with Fortress due to federal agents seizing Wells Fargo bank accounts a few months prior from Mt. Gox, a Bitcoin exchange network. But after a Senate hearing about how digital currency can be used for legitimate purposes, Wells Fargo reconsidered the partnership with Fortress, hence the meeting that happened that winter of 2013. While that meeting was inconclusive at best, and while an eventual change on Wells Fargo’s part will likely be slow and arduous, it is a welcome first step in the right direction for Briger to have Wall Street be open to accepting these digital currencies along with the benefits they provide for traders and investors. Peter Briger is one of Forbes 400’s business professionals and has been made a billionaire during his tenure at Fortress through his expertise in distressed debt and illiquid investments in addition to helping foreign markets raise capital. Prior to Fortress, he worked at Goldman-Sachs where he had a reputation for honing and developing a skill set comprising of foreign investments, distressed debt, real estate and loans and trading, with which he was able to increase Fortress’ assets to around $65 million after leaving Goldman-Sachs. Engaged in philanthropy, he is passionate about alleviation of poverty and providing quality education, among other social causes. As a successful financier and caring philanthropist, he is likely to succeed in bringing Wall Street to Bitcoin, despite the challenges he faces.

 Sujit Choudhry on Constitutional Issues Facing Canada

Sujit Choudhry is a renowned comparative constitutional law scholar. Sujit earned his Bachelor of Arts in Law from Oxford in 1994. He obtained a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Toronto in 1996. In 1998, Sujit completed further studies and earned a Master of Laws from the Harvard Law School. Choudhry joined the University of Toronto in 1999 and received tenure in 2004. He has been responsible for over 60 scholarly works, including written or edited law manuscripts. Learn more

Sujit spends a considerable amount of time traveling to offer his legal expertise across the world. In 2003, he was involved in an initiative to propose a federalist solution to the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka. Sujit traveled to Sri Lanka with a team of foreign legal experts to deal with the situation. Sujit fights for respect for constitutional rights, and he was involved in similar initiatives in Nepal in 2007 and 2010. Choudhry has also made three appearances in Canada, including an appearance in the case of Omar Khadr. He was also in the three-member Governing Toronto Advisory Panel that formulated the proposal that paved way for the city government to be restructured.

Choudhry was involved in the process of editing the security sector reform in constitutional transitions. Security Sector Reform (SSR) is key to the democratic transitions taking shape across the world, and it is a core element of the transition from authoritarian to democratic rule. The “Security Sector Reform in Constitutional Transitions” has three main parts, and the document was edited by a team of experts including Sujit Choudhry. Choudhry is renowned for his primary role as the Director of the Center of Constitutional Transitions. He is an internationally recognized expert on comparative constitutional law. His involvement in the process was fundamental to the success of the initiative.

Choudhry is also a research expert, and his research addresses a broad variety of issues in politics and comparative law, especially constitutional design. Sujit Choudhry is a leading expert on constitutional matters, and he continues to be involved in the formulation of evidence-based policy solutions globally.

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How Cloud Inventory Is Promoting Remote Working

Working in remote is becoming a very common practice that most of the organizations in the market have already started using in their business operations. This is something that has already been essential in changing how most of the companies have been operating and how they have been handling most of their operational aspects in their business activities. It is something unique that everyone should make sure they have adopted in the market.

Cloud Inventory by Data Systems International is a system that has already been designed to play a central role in ensuring that organizations are already able to handle most of the remote operations. Initially, there has been an absence of advanced technology that can help in addressing such issues. This is the main reason why most organizations have not been adopting remote operational requirements. It has been a huge loss to most of the companies looking for such an opportunity.

However, with the emergence of Cloud Inventory, it appears as though the operations of various organizations in the market today have drastically changed. Companies do not need to have other operational technologies in their business aspects. They just need to make sure they have the necessary technology that most of the companies have been looking to use so that they can make sure that they are achieving the necessary success that has been missing in other companies.

By having Cloud Inventory that has been promoting remote working, it is obvious that a huge number of organizations in the market today have provided their employees with the autonomy that they have been lacking. This means that such employees can work alone and make sure they are promoting some decisions that can help in the growth and success of their business organizations. This is something that has not been in the market for very many years.

On the other hand, Field Inventory Management gives you control over your inventory outside the business premises. With the use of this technology, you can monitor, locate, and authenticate your assets regardless of device, location, or current online presence. Clients who use Field Inventory Management properly benefit from transforming the supply chain into a manageable value of chains. Visit this page to learn more.


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Author Solutions The Wind Beneath Every Writers Wings

As the world’s leading provider of supported self-publishing services, Author Solutions has taken center stage in forging the careers of many authors. Since its launch, the company has published more than 300,000 titles. By making resources, contacts, and in-depth knowledge of the industry, Author Solutions has empowered 250,000 authors to create effective content for readers around the globe.

If you dream of creating a best seller or creating movie scripts, then Author solutions are just the company for you. The most noticeable advantage of working with Author solutions is that you get total creative control of your creation. Simply put, you will put in the power of editing, layouts, and cover designs. In addition, the company aims to bring the work of creativity to life by guiding them through the process.

To provide this knowledge and guidance, the company has employed some of the most talented professionals in the industry. The team is exceptionally trained and has years of experience, making them the best experts for the job. With its base of operations in Bloomington, Indiana, Author Solutions has imprints in various other countries and states. As they are called, the imprints are located in New Zealand, Singapore, and the UK. These diverse locations aid authors across the globe in getting access to various resources and technology.

They use the AuthorCentric process to assist authors in launching their own writing career. The publisher has a variety of partnerships with industry leaders, retailers, and distributors, including Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins Christian, Ingram, and Indigo Chapters.

To fully understand the edge that Author Solutions gives its authors, you have to imagine writing a book without having any idea where to start. The company steps in and guides you through making sure you produce top-notch content optimized for your target audience. Authors have commented that they have been paired with the most passionate, kind, and committed teachers in the program. Anyone interested in getting their dream off the ground can visit the company’s website and take the first step into a creative wonderland.


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Haroldo Jacobovicz Reflects on his Career

Starting from the bottom often brings its own set of challenges to the table. The aspiring business owners must acquire capital to buy a location and hire employees to man the floor. Once that is complete, the next phase is to establish a product or service that will offered. At this point, the hard part begins of getting off the ground by ensuring consumers discover and enter the location. Haroldo Jacobovicz had his work cut out for him in the early days of his career. He recently had a chance to compile his thoughts during a recent online interview with Ideamensch.

The origin story of his modern career began over 20 years ago when he was still in college. This is often a time in someone’s life when they can be more experimental about, they want to accomplish. Haroldo Jacobovicz recalls how he and his friends often tossed around potential ideas. However, there was one about information technology that they hoped to begin right away. Unfortunately, it was not the right time or place for that kind of business. The venture collapsed in a very short period of time. Haroldo Jacobovicz believes it was still a necessary step forward in the path of his career.

As the modern business of Haroldo Jacobovicz took shape, he has begun to open up about the secrets of his trade. Most importantly, he likes to be curious about how different things interact. A breakthrough could be hidden behind just a little critical thinking. He then expands on the need read as much as possible. The economic tides will not wait for the uneducated to catch up. Go Here for related Information. Take advantage of every situation to improve yourself. This includes taking up a book during downtime. He recalls the numbers turns in life, and how the choices converged.

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John Ritenour’s IOA Partnership With Sports

John Ritenour started the Insurance Office of America (IOA) in 1988. His son Heath Ritenour became the CEO in 2008 and the Chairperson of the company in 2009. Even so, the founder continues to offer support to the company. For over ten years, the company has been partnering with the sports industry. The commitment and hard work of John Ritenour and his son have made IOA be among the top players in the insurance industry.

Insurance Cover For Key Sports Teams

Offering insurance policies for sports teams is complex. According to Heath, each sport has its risks and complications, but football is among the higher-risk sports. He further adds that insurance professionals must understand the team to know its risks and mitigate them. Create an awareness of the potential risks they face and leave it up to the client to decide on whether they need the cover or not. It is about being risk managers and not salespeople.

Different risks face sports teams in the field. The teams have to choose which risks to cover. The role of IOA is to cover the teams should the risk materialize.

IOA partners with various NBA teams, racing teams, US Club soccer, and Washington Capitals. The company is also looking to partner with other big four sporting teams.

How IOA Sports Partners Division Started

The sports division started as a collaboration between John Ritenour and Heath Ritenour, with the first partnership being between IOA and Orlando Magic. IOA started by sponsoring Orlando magic and later became their insurance broker.

After securing Orlando Magic, it was easier for other teams to come for IOA to sponsor their activities, explains Heath. Today, the company boasts of insuring some NBA, NFL, NHF teams, and several racing teams. In addition, engaging in community service has made it easy for IOA to expand to other cities.

About IOA

The company started in Florida. Today, the company has over 60 offices spread across the USA and London, with over 1200 teams worldwide. It’s the 25th biggest insurance agency in America.