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Jason Hope Understands Crypto Value

Cryptographic techniques have become a high-level trend for those looking to make a profitable investment and for those who understand that being able to make transactions without the necessity of a central monetary authority can be liberating. Jason Hope is an entrepreneur who believes that this evolving technology will continue to make great gains and that sudden drops should not be seen as the end of blockchain technology. 


Instead, the outstanding businessman Jason Hope pushes his futurology perspective that predicts that the various cryptocurrencies will continue to be a wise choice. Firstly, the ecommerce market is not going away anytime soon and will continue to need various currencies more than ever as the years progress. Customers can find freedom in being able to use them rather than having to rely on the standard credit cards. 


Jason Hope and E-commerce


These are the cards that have tied them down for so many transactions. Businesses appreciate this as well and almost always will prefer to be paid in crypto if they have the sites and apps set up appropriately to handle it. The successful businessman has done research that reveals a myriad of businesses that will either charge no fee at all or some smaller variation such as 1% rather than the traditional credit card processing prices. For Jason Hope, fraud and security is another area where digital currencies are able to far outpace the alternatives that currently exist on the market. 


Up to now, chargebacks and fraudulent returns have been a costly diversion for many businesses and they will continue to more easily utilize blockchain to eliminate such negative charges. There will continue to be a huge opportunity for growth and profits so that raising capital will be easier than ever before. As Jason Hope states, by looking at the greater picture it can be seen that some of the larger companies such as Square and Twitter also understand this and will continue to help investors see gain across the spectrum.

Dr Alddo Molinar – Treating Pain and Serving People

Dr Alddo Molinar, MD, is the Medical Director of Anesthesia for East Ohio Regional Hospital, found in Martins Ferry, Ohio, as well as sitting on the board as Chairman of Anesthesiology. He founded Molinar Anesthesia Associates, a consulting firm where he is currently serving as president. As a specialist in anesthesia, Dr Alddo Molinar aids patients with pain management in all phases of illness or injury, directly and through his consulting service.


Tragically, his grandmother lost her fight with cancer when Alddo was in the 6th grade. Her needless suffering from pain, nausea, and vomiting did nothing to diminish her strength. While he had always said he wanted to be a doctor, this affected him deeply, solidifying in him the desire to become a healer so he could aid people in similar circumstances. This led Alddo Molinar to the Rio Grande Health Clinic, located in El Paso, Texas. He shadowed doctors at the clinic, confirming for himself that medicine would be his life. He attended Trinity University from 1996 to 2000, earning a BS in Biology. 


Cardiologist Alddo Molinar


From there he went to the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School where he earned an MD with a focus on anesthesiology and critical care medicine, completing his residency at the Cleveland Clinic in 2009. Dr Alddo Molinar is currently licensed to practice medicine in Ohio and West Virginia. He met his wife while in his residency at the Cleveland Clinic. They found the time to nurture the relationship during this time. Since marrying, the couple have had two daughters and a son.

Technology in medicine is an area of interest to Dr Molinar. The proper use of technology makes treatments more effective. It likewise makes procedures safer and more accurate. At its most basic level, patient monitoring in real time allows healthcare providers to see trends more easily and adjust treatment plans to suit the patient’s needs. Alddo Molinar explains that as artificial intelligence becomes more available and better integrated into daily life, response times will be faster than ever. Dr Alddo Molinar was inspired by tragedy to serve the people around him through medicine. His education and skill helped him to achieve success in this childhood dream.

What Ombori Means to the Innovation Lovers

Today, shoppers appreciate the high level of technology driving the business industry. The talking mirror and the interactive window displays serve as perfect examples. The use of smartphones has also fueled technology in our daily lives. Several brands exist, where innovation is part of their DNA. Such include Ombori that has taken the lead in the international market.

Founded by Andreas Hassellof, Ombori has captured the attention of thousands of loyal customers from different parts of the globe. The founder boasts of introducing the talking mirror technology. He has initiated other impressive innovations that have won the adoration of many consumers. The innovator believes in the philosophy of improving the shopping experience and allowing business owners to operate feasibly.

The public appreciates seamless innovations that Ombori has continued to launch since its onset. It has performed tremendously to improve mobile technology in a constantly transforming market. Retailers and consumers have collectively reaped endless benefits. Andreas Hassellof believes that interactive novelty improves the way brands network with their consumers in the international corridors.

A Sample of Interactive Technologies

The talking mirror has amused consumers and retailers in the modern business setup. The technology exists courtesy of H&M, which implemented it in New York City. It uses a sensor to detect a shopper who gazes at it longer than usual. Interactively, the system asks one whether they wish to take a selfie, after which it displays a countdown. A customer can download the photo to their phone with the help of a QR code scanner.

With the existence of interactive window displays, Clas Ohlson has attracted dozens of customers. Ombori created a technology that has brought significant transformation to the business industry, easing how retailers market their brands. With an enormous screen installed on a window, customers interact with it to get detailed information about the store. Additionally, the system allows buyers to place orders while standing outside the store.

Innovators such as Andreas Hassellof take credit for such technologies. They have shaped the business industry, making it more productive. They have made it possible for people to shop comfortably, conveniently, and delightfully.

 Making the Turn: Mahmoud Khattab

Mahmoud Khattab is a man who has been a proponent of the medical industry and heads his own company called Precision. He has had to deal with the pandemic like everyone else in the world today and he sees that things will be changing in the coming years. He has always wanted to help others and he offers these three things in order for CEO’s and leaders to get on track with the business world in spite of the Coronavirus.

One of the things that Mahmoud Khattab points out is that the shift has to go back to the workers. For a couple of years now the focus has been on safety and prevention of the spreading of the Coronavirus and its subsequent variants. The focus should now turn to what the workers need and how they will be able to keep their jobs. One way to do that is to look at new markets for opportunities in new sectors. Workers can focus on new things instead of doing the same old thing day in and day out.

Another point that Mahmoud Khattab mentions is cost cutting. It has taken a sharp decline over the past year and is not as important as it once was. the emphasis in that category has shifted with the onset of the coronavirus and leaders are starting to realize that.

One final point that is gaining traction is digital growth. This is something that leaders are looking at this category because of the number of workers who have to work from home. This is one category that is really moving up the list and CEO’s are starting to take notice. These are challenging times and leaders must keep up with them. That is why businesses must be willing to adapt to survive changing circumstances.

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 Learn New Skills From Brandon Taubman

Brandon Taubman is a data scientist, entrepreneur and minor league baseball owner. He has always been passionate about sports, but he found his true calling in data science when he was working with the Astros. Brandon’s work focused on analytics and helping to make decisions based on data rather than traditional methods of using scouts’ opinions or gut feelings. He worked with the Astros and their analytics department to determine who would be the best draft pick, which free agents could help or hurt their chances of winning and analyzing where they should play certain players on the field to maximize their chances of success. He was recently profiled as a data scientist to watch by KDnuggets (a popular website for those interested in data science, statistical analysis and machine learning) where he talked about his work with the Astros, baseball in general and becoming a minor league owner.

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Brandon Taubman first became interested in data science through playing fantasy sports. “I really started to get into analytics because of fantasy sports,” said Brandon Taubman . “When you are managing players on your fantasy team, you try to maximize your chances of winning by looking at their statistics and analysis about them.” He also started working with the Houston Astros because of his love for baseball. “When I started working with the Astros, I was basically a baseball fan giving my 2 cents on how they could improve,” said Taubman.

The New Britain Bees are an Atlantic League team, which means they aren’t at the top level of either Major League Baseball or Minor League Baseball. The majority of players are in the “AA” level, which is just one step away from being called up to play for a Major League Baseball team. While there are only eight teams in the league , each team plays 120 games during the regular season, making New Britain Bees tickets valuable to fans who want to see future stars before they join bigger teams.

Getting To Know More About Haroldo Jacobovicz

One of the greatest and common skills in entrepreneurs is the ability to consistently pursue one’s business to full capacity. Mistakes and failures are part of common business activities to entrepreneurs which is the main push behind their consistent forward drive. Haroldo Jacobovicz is one business entrepreneur who has thrived by the failure of his business ventures. He is a leading investor in the technology and construction fields. Early Life Haroldo Jacobovicz was born in Curitiba in 1961. He was born to civil engineer parents and was the eldest of his four siblings. He attended Stella Maris College and Elementary High School which shaped his younger teenage years to be built on values such as discipline, respect, and team spirit. Inspired by his parents he pursued Civil Engineering at the Federal University in 1979.
Haroldo Jacobovicz was so passionate about creating IT-related businesses that together with his friends he started Microsystems. Microsystems was aimed at creating automated services for pharmacies and supermarkets. The business venture was short-lived as it closed down in one year due to a lack of customers. Career growth He then started his first employment as an engineer at Exxon Mobil Corporation after being chosen as the best from a list of over 150 engineers. He worked his way up through skill and resilience from a salesperson to take the responsibility of the commercial tactics and new business sector of the company.
He later relocated to Curitiba to work as an advisor to the technical board for Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant. His entrepreneurship ventures started again when he formed Minauro Company which functioned as a leasing company for computers. The company was the first in its industry to work with the public sector to supply and maintain its computer systems. Haroldo Jacobovicz later built Horizons Telecom to serve the corporate market. The company provides a 100% fiber network and redundancy at multiple points. In 2020, he created Horizons Datacenter to offer cloud communication services.

LifeWave, A Number One Firm With A Heart For Humanity

The LifeWave company was co-founded in 2004, and since then, it has been nourishing and expanding to greater heights.

It began as a firm centered on promoting healthy living and awareness.

The firm keeps growing in fame and popularity because of its unique and high-quality products that are neither non-addictive nor non-invasive.

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The firm’s products are primarily designed to improve body wellness using natural products that have no negative impacts or side effects on normal body functioning.

The firm has managed to grow and thrive because of many products, including its Patented X39 wearable patches.

The firm started from grass and has grown tremendously to have customers in ninety countries worldwide.

Its products distribution and productivity has been improved a notch higher.

The firm’s quality assurance team works more brilliantly towards ensuring the products made by the company are user-friendly and non-addictive.

Through this, it has managed to attract several customers and win the loyalty of its customers.

The firm’s success is attributed to its dedicated team of researchers.

Through this team, the company has won several awards.

One of its primary achievements is being recognized by the Inc company as Asia’s fast thriving firm.

Testimonials and customer reviews portray LifeWave as a company working extremely hard towards achieving its mission and providing more effective products.

Customers compliment these products for being helpful in mental functioning enhancements, stress management, anxiety control, sleep improvement, and management of pain.

According to one customers’ review, she managed to control the pain experienced during chemotherapy using the patches.

Another review explains how a certain customer managed to prevent pimples on her face within three months of using the product.

Several clients compliment and celebrate the company for its significant contribution in improving their health and wellness.

It is the number one company in providing products designed for quality life enhancement.

Its role at this time of pandemic is note-worthy.

 What You Should Expect If Our Attorneys at Dean Omar Branham and Shirley are Involved in Your Lawsuit


When you face workplace malpractice, like being exposed to asbestos, it can be hard for you to file a case against your employer. But Dean Omar Branham Shirley is here to guide you on what exactly you should do when facing any mistreatment at work. We pride ourselves on helping employees navigate the legal process when they file a case against the employer. Dean Omar has a professional and competent team of legal experts committed to helping you in the best possible way when you want an expert to represent you in court because of being a victim of workplace malpractices.

Our Areas of Specialization

Dean Omar Branham Shirley is a Texas-based law firm that protects your rights when violated by your employer. We specialize in several legal practice areas, including unpaid wage claims, asbestos exposure, and more. When you stop working because of being exposed to asbestos or any other job misconduct, you deserve to be paid all your remaining wages or even get fair compensation if you suffer from severe damages. We can provide legal advice and representation to help you get the results that fit your situation. 

Dean Omar Branham Shirley is a law Firm to Count On

If there is a misunderstanding between you and your employer that you feel you’re not happy with, share it with our legal experts to get professional advice and help. If you want the problem resolved in court, we will provide the best representation to help you get the outcomes you deserve.

Miki Agrawal Changing the Entrepreneur Landscape with Fierce Drive

Miki Agrawal is a prime example of a determined and hardworking female entrepreneur. She combines the entrepreneurial spirit and creative vision to transform the status quo across various industries. The resourceful innovator has achieved significant success throughout her professional endeavors.


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Her unrelenting drive has seen her launch multiple successful businesses and author books highlighting more of society’s taboo subjects. Born in Canada, the business leader attended Cornell University to pursue a communication degree and learn the ropes of the business. Upon completing her studies, Miki Agrawal ventured forth to build her professional path working at New York City’s Deutsche Bank.

The pioneering woman leader has transformed the entrepreneur landscape with a positive force. She discovered her desire to impact individuals while working at Deutsche Bank positively. With a lot of drive and hard focus, she had an extraordinary chance to add value to the world and empower people. In 2005, the influential entrepreneur’s career path paid off by launching a gluten-free Pizerria known as Slice. Slice has risen through the ranks to feature as one of the top-ranked eateries globally. And yes, the successful eatery has expanded its footprints with conscious efforts to include two categories in New York City.

But yes, Miki Agrawal is a thriving entrepreneur with a sustainability mindset. Her company THINX is geared towards maintaining a sustainable environment. THINX strikes as an underwear company with a vision of helping women stay safe during their periods. Nonetheless, Miki Agrawal’s curiosity-driven research saw her initiate TUSHY, a disruptive startup fabricating bidet-style toilet attachments. The businesswoman distinguishes herself in inspiring progress within various levels. She delights in helping individuals realize their potentials. Her company TUSHY has sold over one million products from the founding phases. Miki Agrawal has bagged vast awards and made news in top publications, including Forbes and INC Magazine.

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In 2021, CEOs See Growth Marked by Shifts: Mahmoud Khattab

Companies with a strong competitive advantage in an area of strong value creation (internal innovation) and strong capabilities to address business and customer needs in emerging areas will lead the way in investing in digital in the next few years.

Smart companies will continue to focus on the top 12 core areas, which Gartner has identified for the past three years (see image below). For example, technology is top priority, followed by marketing.

Companies that have invested in digital in both these areas can expect to see returns in 2021. Consumer firms will see strong performance, but will face potential profit margin pressure from new costs including the rising cost of healthcare.

The pace of change

The frequency of CEO investment in digital technologies has accelerated, with investment jumps in nearly every category, Gartner says. CEO investment in digital technologies, in particular, is growing in all countries. The study further confirms that digital strategies are consistently occupying senior leadership’s top strategic priorities.

Digital business is particularly important in the United States. Globally, CEOs expect their organizations to show strong leadership in digital business. “Even in a time of great uncertainty, CEOs continue to see signs of business value in digital technologies,” says Bill Sculley, vice chairman, CEO Research, Gartner. “Most CEOs now see the digital business opportunity as important, yet not dominant, as they did just a few years ago.

What will be interesting is to see how these predictions compare with the latest trends and hear from CEOs on what has changed over the course of the next five years. Jeff Keane, principal research analyst at Gartner, recently discussed the findings with me, and had this to say: “The growth we see is really being driven by a broader strategic perspective about how the marketplace is changing, not just by technological developments.”

Keane’s take was that these trends include: Change in buyer types. “The market is becoming more multi-channel, driven by technology, and being driven by digitization. The buyer types are growing and moving around in size, and what we’re seeing is that the overlap of different buyer types is growing.” Learn more about Mahmoud Khattab: