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Billboard Names Desiree Perez Executive of the Year

Billboard has named Desi Perez, Executive of the Year! She has been with the company for over two decades and helped to make Billboard one of the most reliable sources for music industry news. Desi will be honored at our annual Women in Music event on December 6th, where she is set to give an inspirational speech about her time as a woman in music. Congrats Desi!

Finally! A woman has been named the Executive of the Year by Billboard, and it’s no surprise that she is a record executive. There are not many female executives in the music industry, but one woman at FremantleMedia North America (FMNA) is paving her way to help more women get into positions within the company and the music industry in general. Desi Perez is an Executive Vice President of Music Strategy at FMNA and has been with them for over two decades.

Working her way up from Assistant to Senior Director, Desiree Perez helped oversee the department’s transition to being a full-fledged unit within the company. She manages all of FremantleMedia’s music initiatives and produces many of their shows, including “American Idol” and “America’s Got Talent”. She has also worked on several other projects that include MTV Video Music Awards.

Desiree Perez is also the founder of The Future First Initiative, which aims to help young women get into positions with power in the industry. It’s an extension of her work as Women’s Initiative Chair at the Grammys. She has also been involved with a number of initiatives trying to increase diversity in the music industry and continues to be a role model for young women everywhere.

On December 6, 2014, Desiree Perez gave an inspiring speech about her time as a woman in music. Billboard’s Women In Music event will be honoring four women who continue to break the mold and make great strides for women everywhere; their names are Kelly Clarkson, Niki Minaj, Jill Scott, and Tori Kelly. Go Here for related Information.

Perez’s start in music was as a record promoter and eventually, she joined the company of Overbrook Music, where her husband L.A. Reid was employed as CEO and founder.

How Edgard Corona is Emulating Planet Fitness through Smartfit

Starting any business and hoping to achieve success is always very difficult. There are very many issues that the industry is bringing about, which are not friendly to business owners. Anyone who wants to start an organization and have a record of success must consistently demonstrate that they are just better than other individuals in the same industry. Edgard Corona seems to have mastered the art of venturing into the business environment using some orthodox strategies.

Edgard Corona is the face behind Smartfit, which is a leading gym in the United States. The facility has become popular over the years, which has made him be a celebrity within the country. However, his success is based on the fact that he was able to copy what other gyms were doing around the world and managed to implement the same idea in Brazil and other countries in Latin America.

Originality is an important aspect. It helps a business owner to stand out in their industry because there is no person who has a similar idea. However, to Edgard Corona, originality does not play any role in the business sector. Copying a successful idea and being original does not matter. What really matters is whether an individual will be able to achieve success through the various ideas and strategies they will be using in their business operations and activities around the world.

Edgard Corona copied his fitness idea from Planet Fitness, which is a fitness organization operating in the United States. The fitness organization has more than one thousand gym facilities across the United States and is currently the world leader in this area. However, Corona has implemented a similar idea in another region. He has managed to pull a huge level of success, which very many individuals never thought he would have managed to achieve owing to the level of competition.

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David Schmidt's Futurist Mind and Focus on Innovation Bore Professional Success and Fulfilment

David Schmidt is one of the world’s greatest innovators.

His invention passion showed when he was young:

He dismantled things and reorganized the pieces together.

At fifteen, he got a clear picture of which field he would take his innovation passion after a thoroughly going through, Life Extension book, by Durk Pearson.

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Health and wellness is the field David has redirected his focus, energy, and resources since then.

To be a good inventor, he needed to be knowledgeable, landing him to Pace University for a degree in Management Information Systems and Biology.

After college and before forming his health and wellness company, LifeWave, David Schmidt owned various performing corporations solely involved with invention and innovation.

With advanced technology, the companies designed and developed bespoke products and processes, earning him an honorary doctorate from IHFI.

When working with mini-sub, Schmidt created a product that used natural ways to enhance energy production, helping the navy guys stay active without the use of drugs.

This impressed him and dived his focus to devising products that help people keep their youthful state as they age.

In 2004, David Schmidt formed LifeWave, and after three years of detailed research, the company developed the Energy enhancer Patch using the phototherapy technology devised by its founder.

This patch uses natural light to enhance fat-burning leading to improved energy production.

Though the development of the product was a significant win, it did not stop there, for it is led by someone focused on achieving long-term goals.

Therefore, the company indulged itself in years of research, and after a decade, the X39 patch was developed.

X39 is more efficient than its predecessor, and besides enhancing energy production, it boosts metabolism and activates stem cells.

It also raises the levels of Copper peptides (GHK and GHK-Cu) that help in resetting one’s genes to a youthful state.

By using X39, one’s health improves for it helps them do what they want even after advancing in age, for it maintains their youthful traits.

Joseph Ashford Offers Advice on Investment Approach in Matters of Professional Work

Having acquired extensive skills working in various positions across the industries, Joseph Ashford is no stranger to the many virtues of proper investment. According to Joseph Ashford, time is an essential aspect when it comes to investment and finding a good fit when it comes to selecting positions is the best way to go about investing time.

Joseph Ashford says that whenever you perform a specified task, always ensure that your investment – which is the assignment itself – can benefit you in some way. If it does not, then there’s no point wasting time on that task, when you could be doing something else or better. “Investment doesn’t always have to be a beneficial scenario,” Joseph Ashford explained. “Sometimes, we invest ourselves into things that are not necessarily ‘beneficial’ to our outside lives, simply because we want to do it. And that’s okay,” he continued.

Developing an investment mindset in London is something that takes a while to do, and even the most experienced employees can make mistakes if they are not aware of what it is they’re investing themselves in. Also, it is crucial to remember that you develop an investment mindset no matter where you are.


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This is the immediate secret for the success of any investment project in London and is also the most difficult one to master. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in a situation where you feel invested, but if you don’t manage your investment well, then it can be detrimental in the long run. Getting to understand how to manage your investment is the only way you can guarantee success. According to Joseph Ashford, when it comes to professional work, employees must assess and question their investment before they even start working on a task. Ask yourself: Will this assignment benefit me? Am I spending too much time on this? Do I have the skills and knowledge to perform this task? And is this a task I want to do? This helps in making significant investment decisions.

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Tieks Developments Are About More Than Shoes; They Are About Improving People’s Lives

Tieks is a leading web-only fashion company that sells an exclusive range of women’s ballet flats that are recognized for their quality, comfort, and mobility. Since 2010, Tieks has sold its Italian leather folding flats solely through its website. They were also among the first businesses to achieve worldwide recognition without having physical stores, and they are now one of the most successful fashion brands in the world. Kfir Gavrieli, the creator and Chief Executive Officer of Tieks, has guided his company to unprecedented success since its inception.

Kfir Gavrieli is a Stanford University graduate with a B.A., M.S., and an M.B.A. degree. Before founding Tieks, Kfir Gavrieli had a successful career in hedge funds, venture capital, real estate, and the IT industry. His achievements in these endeavors have contributed to the success he’s had with Tieks.

Tieks is committed to not just developing women’s shoes, but also to assisting others in achieving their objectives. The options for giving back to communities are endless now that we have technology at our disposal. Through the Gavrieli Foundation, which works in partnership with KIVA, an online platform that gives microloans to prospective entrepreneurs who are among the less fortunate, possibilities is even greater.

In Tieks, every choice is taken with a fresh perspective. They consider what they have done in the past as well as what they might be able to achieve in the future. This way of thinking was extremely beneficial to Kfir Gavrieli in his career. In 2008, the firm was able to introduce a new shoe and an entirely new store strategy as a result of this.

Tieks are a unique concept in a millennia-old business, and their direct-to-consumer approach to retail sales was groundbreaking when they initially launched. This aided Tieks in becoming the world’s largest lender to Kiva, since they were determined to be the ones who created trends rather than following them. Read this article to learn more.


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Larry Baer’s Input in the Transformation of the San Francisco Giants

Managing a sports team is not an easy task, considering the effort and time invested in such roles. However, this is a job Larry Baer understands all too well. The SF Giants CEO is one of the most influential and visionary sport-based leaders who has been at the forefront in ensuring that teams under his leadership are performing above board.

Larry Baer’s life as a sports visionary began as an alumnus of Harvard Business School and UC Berkeley University. His first stint was with the San Francisco Giants, where he played an integral role in ensuring that the Giants stayed in San Francisco. His input in this deal improved his status in the sporting industry, and in 2012, he was handpicked to work as the SF Giants CEO of the Major League Baseball team. It wasn’t long before his input bore fruits. A year after his appointment, he steered the San Francisco Giants into their second World Series Championship title in three years.

Apart from being the President and the Giants CEO, Larry Baer also serves as the “control” person for the MLB and the San Francisco Giants in instances where emerging issues affect the company. Additionally, the Giants CEO is also responsible for overseeing the day-to-day activities of the club. Under his stewardship, the Giants were able to construct the first privately financed park-AT&T Park.

Since its opening, AT&T Park has been lauded for being among the country’s best ballparks. In instances where the company encounters issues, Larry acts as the strategist and the negotiator. For example, he oversaw the signing of the Barry Bonds in November 1992, as well as the signing of the naming agreement between the company and AT&T.

Larry Baer’s contribution to the sporting world has not gone unnoticed as he has received numerous awards. For example, in 1996, the Giant’s CEO received the San Francisco Distinguished Leadership Award for his role in civic leadership. In 2001, he was awarded the Anti-Defamation Torch of Leadership Award, and in 2010, he was named the “Person of the Year” by the San Francisco Boys and Girls Club. Visit this page to learn more about the Giants CEO.


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Data International System With Cloud Inventory

Data Systems International got taken control in providing solutions in inventory. They recently launched a cloud inventory, which gave rise to a cloud-based inventory management system to get used in the industry. Manufacturers and distributors get the best boost once they incorporate the cloud-based system to increase their monitoring and acquire real-time with a high degree of accuracy.

Through cloud inventory, DSI Global came to improve the existing systems with a disruptive technology solution. Integrating the list from Cloud will ensure productivity, inventory optimization, and more compliance and ensure more revenue generation.

Cloud inventory becomes the first cloud-based solution, which enabled most companies to track their assets, Jobsite supplies, merchandise, and even materials in their transit. These materials get the track in their way outside the warehouse, thus ensuring visibility through the location, current state, and authentication at all supply points.

The urge for increased visibility by cloud inventory gets triggered by the better control of warehouses in real-time, raising revenue generation. In addition, Cloud Inventory by DSI makes much use of mobile devices, which are improved with proper interfaces to enhance supply chain management.

Cloud Inventory got purely designed on low code platform whereby got the power in Cloud-based solutions and got incorporated in the existing systems and adapt appropriately In all means. The Cloud-based evolves well with the current software without affecting the data, thus much agility hence more production since less disorganization.

Data Systems International launched cloud inventory in the times when the pandemic of Coronavirus broke to the world. It came at an appropriate time when the supply chain got disorganized, thus making it more beneficial to the companies. In addition, due to pandemics, managers were forced to work from home, and they could monitor their areas at the ease of their comfort — DSI has been in existence for over 40 years now. Read this article to learn more.


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The Career and Life of Laura McQuade

Laura has always had a unique way of doing things but she never let that get in the way of her dreams. So what is the secret to the smattering of success she has had over the years? Well, it all dates back to her childhood years growing up in the suburbs of Topeka where she first learned how to do well in her academic work. After her high school years had concluded, she was ready to go on to college but had a hard time choosing which one she wanted to enroll in. She soon found her calling when taking a tour of holy cross & this is where she spent her formative years. It was there that she first found her affinity for the world of PS & opted to make it her major. As she bid farewell to her days in the dorms, she realized she did not want it to end. So she applied to grad school & was quite surprised to find that she was accepted at Yale. So she moved to new haven where she was working hard to earn her master of arts degree. After she got it, she was soon able to work her way up & become the president of PP. She thrived in the role as she tried to help as many girls as she can but soon knew it was time to move on to greener pastures. So she opted to leave the role in the summer of 2020.

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Randal Nardone Steering Fortress towards Further Growth

The business environment is quite challenging given the many forces that continually shape the space. For successful navigation, leaders must exhibit excellent abilities and talents to propel them to greater heights. For Randal Nardone, it has been the same, having to overcome numerous challenges to become one of the most celebrated business leaders of the world.

Randal Nardone became Fortress Investment Group in 2009, having been part of the management committee since 1998 when he joined the company. He joined forces with Wens Edens in 2006 to establish Fortress Investment Group where he currently holds the position of Principal, Director, and CEO.

Fortress has seen tremendous growth since Randal Nardone took over as the CEO controlling assets valued at over $43 billion for thousands of investors around the world in the areas of private equity, capital markets, asset-based investing, and hedge funds among others. The zealous leader displays exceptional leadership and is a widely acclaimed financial strategist in the industry.

Currently, Randal ranks 557th in the Forbes list of World Billionaires, a position he has earned through hard work and continuous innovative efforts in business. His law degree from Boston University (School of law) and experience in the world of finance gives him a unique combination to tackle financial challenges that are often attached to some legal aspects. For his clients, he designs strategies that encompass both the legal and financial issues for seamless business operations.

Randal Nardone has in the past served under various capacities at UBS and BlackRock Financial Management following the start of his career at Thacher Proffitt & Wood Law Firm. At Fortress, he sits in boards of the company’s subsidiaries playing an advisory role.

Nardone has excellent strategic planning skills. He spearheaded the recent purchase of Fortress by SoftBank at the cost of $3.3 billion, and he is of the opinion that the company has better prospects and position itself as the pace-setter in the industry. In the agreement, Fortress will continue its operations as a separate entity. The business leader continues to be a role model for aspiring business leaders with a track record to be emulated.

How Andrew Alexander Has Maintained Unmatched Success in Television Showbiz Industry

Being a hit-maker in the television show industry is not one of the simplest undertakings in a country that has a significant number of entertainers. This is something that very many individuals have been working hard to accomplish, and it is worth highlighting that most of them have not been successful in what they have intended to achieve.

However, there have been some individuals who have been able to address some of the fundamental aspects and factors that bring success with ease. Andrew Alexander has been a very successful leader who has always been able to handle some of the requirements of the showbiz sector and to come up with the right recipe of the results that people have intended to get as they continue to operate in this industry.

Everything that Andrew Alexander has been incorporating in this sector has specifically been based on ensuring that all the necessary results that people have been looking to get have been incorporated in most of the television series that he has been involved in. This is something that he has been using to keep people engaged in his television shows.

The fact that he was able to emerge in the industry and to take over the television show sector clearly highlights all the dedication that he had when it comes to venturing into new industries and generating the results that people have intended to experience. There is no way an individual can survive without offering the results that people have intended to get.

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