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Dr Alddo Molinar – Treating Pain and Serving People

Dr Alddo Molinar, MD, is the Medical Director of Anesthesia for East Ohio Regional Hospital, found in Martins Ferry, Ohio, as well as sitting on the board as Chairman of Anesthesiology. He founded Molinar Anesthesia Associates, a consulting firm where he is currently serving as president. As a specialist in anesthesia, Dr Alddo Molinar aids patients with pain management in all phases of illness or injury, directly and through his consulting service.


Tragically, his grandmother lost her fight with cancer when Alddo was in the 6th grade. Her needless suffering from pain, nausea, and vomiting did nothing to diminish her strength. While he had always said he wanted to be a doctor, this affected him deeply, solidifying in him the desire to become a healer so he could aid people in similar circumstances. This led Alddo Molinar to the Rio Grande Health Clinic, located in El Paso, Texas. He shadowed doctors at the clinic, confirming for himself that medicine would be his life. He attended Trinity University from 1996 to 2000, earning a BS in Biology. 


Cardiologist Alddo Molinar


From there he went to the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School where he earned an MD with a focus on anesthesiology and critical care medicine, completing his residency at the Cleveland Clinic in 2009. Dr Alddo Molinar is currently licensed to practice medicine in Ohio and West Virginia. He met his wife while in his residency at the Cleveland Clinic. They found the time to nurture the relationship during this time. Since marrying, the couple have had two daughters and a son.

Technology in medicine is an area of interest to Dr Molinar. The proper use of technology makes treatments more effective. It likewise makes procedures safer and more accurate. At its most basic level, patient monitoring in real time allows healthcare providers to see trends more easily and adjust treatment plans to suit the patient’s needs. Alddo Molinar explains that as artificial intelligence becomes more available and better integrated into daily life, response times will be faster than ever. Dr Alddo Molinar was inspired by tragedy to serve the people around him through medicine. His education and skill helped him to achieve success in this childhood dream.

Alddo Molinar and the World of Anesthesia

Despite being the son of two Mexican immigrants, Alddo Molinar, a U.S citizen by birth, has become one of the most highly regarded anesthesiologists in East Ohio. Molinar began shaping his medical career from an early age. Unlike his peers, Alddo Molinar could pick up different skills with lots of ease. His interest in the medical field was again majorly contributed by the pain and suffering he saw his grandparents go through when they had cancer up to the point they succumbed to their illness. The experience made him vow to find ways to make people experience less suffering when ill.

Dr. Alddo Molinar

To hone his medical skills, Alddo Molinar joined the Dallas-based University of Texas Southwestern. Alddo Molinar then proceeded to Cleveland Clinic, where he did his medical residency. Currently, Alddo Molinar holds positions in the East Ohio Regional Hospitals as the Medical Director of Anesthesia and Department of Anesthesiology chairman. Furthermore, at Molinar Anesthesia Consultants LLC, he serves as the president. In an interview, specialized anesthesiologist and medical care medicine expert Alddo Molinar reveals different ways he brings his ideas to life. For a start, he mentions that it is easy for him to bring his ideas to life if they are of good quality. 


Critical care medicine expert and anesthesiologist Alddo Molinar states that every time he thinks of an excellent idea, he notes it down to allow him to go through it later. Molinar also reveals that his ideas can only be achieved when a good team surrounds him. Alddo Molinar reveals that despite having a good idea, sharing them with different people is wise to get their perspective on the idea. Besides, Molinar ensures that his goals are well stated and are clear. As such, his patients get the best outcome out of his services.

When asked about the trend that excites him, Alddo Molinar reveals that technological evolution takes the lead. Alddo is amazed at how technology has changed things, especially in the medical field. The critical care medicine expert appreciates that the number of microcontrollers and sensors in the medical field has increased right now. Alddo Molinar further mentions how the quality of patient care has also improved due to Artificial Technology in medicine. Alddo further appreciates the different software that has also improved patient care, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jason Hughes Offers Services to the Greater San Diego Area

Jasoin Hughes is the President and Owner at Hughes Morino and offers a variety of different services to the residents of the Greater San Diego area.


About Jason Hughes of San Diego:


Jason Hughes is both the President and Owner of Hughes Marino and has been working in the San Diego area since the 1980s. He has been providing people services in a variety of areas of business including representing both tenants and buyers of various properties throughout the area. Jason Hughes has been providing his clients these quality services in the San Diego area for more than 20 years, and continues to do so today. Hughes main goal is to provide clients with top-level service and keep the relationships he develops with customers alive well into the future. This networking has helped Hughes be successful, and continues to help him be successful in his business endeavors.


Jason Hughes Enjoys Success in His Career:


Jason Hughes of San Diego has enjoyed great success in his career through both purchasing and selling tens of millions of square feet of space. Whether representing a buyer or a seller, Hughes puts his best foot forward to serve his clients above and beyond their expectations. Whether he is working on contrats, expansions or negotiations, customers rely on him to get them a great deal and he is able to deliver. Jason Hughes also has appeared both on television as well as in publications as an expert in his field. He is always willing to help teach others what he knows and learns from those who have come before him as well. 


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Krishen Iyer Is A Successful Insurance Entrepreneur

Growing up, Krishen Iyer worked hard. Successful entrepreneur Krishen Iyer graduated from Bullard High School in 1998. From there, he soon moved to San Diego where he attended San Diego State University. A member of the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, he easily graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and urban development. From here, his life really began and he soon found his calling. His start, however, was in the field of insurance. It wasn’t a boring time in his life however. He made sales, managed lead companies and even created traffic for affiliate insurance distribution centers. This experience gave him the skills he needed to truly succeed in his area of expertise. 


Entering The World Of The Founder


Using the skills he gained, Krishen Iyer entered the world of entrepreneurship. He became the founder of Managed Benefits Services. This was a full service marketing and consultancy that provided support and opportunities for insurance-based businesses (Pinterest). 


Iyer, however, recently sold the company in order to pursue more lucrative opportunities. More specifically, this meant the creation of his new project: MAIS Consulting Firm. Like Krishen Iyer´s other ventures, MAIS Consulting firm also specializes in the field of insurance. This new firm, however, aims to help other companies find success in the insurance distribution industry. Krishen Iyer’s newest venture, however, is just one more of the many companies he has built and made a success. As passionate about work as he is about finance and family, it’s clear that his newest venture will also find the success it deserves. 

The Career and Life of Laura McQuade

Laura has always had a unique way of doing things but she never let that get in the way of her dreams. So what is the secret to the smattering of success she has had over the years? Well, it all dates back to her childhood years growing up in the suburbs of Topeka where she first learned how to do well in her academic work. After her high school years had concluded, she was ready to go on to college but had a hard time choosing which one she wanted to enroll in. She soon found her calling when taking a tour of holy cross & this is where she spent her formative years. It was there that she first found her affinity for the world of PS & opted to make it her major. As she bid farewell to her days in the dorms, she realized she did not want it to end. So she applied to grad school & was quite surprised to find that she was accepted at Yale. So she moved to new haven where she was working hard to earn her master of arts degree. After she got it, she was soon able to work her way up & become the president of PP. She thrived in the role as she tried to help as many girls as she can but soon knew it was time to move on to greener pastures. So she opted to leave the role in the summer of 2020.

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