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Hughes Marino Buyer Representation Firm


Hughes Marino is a San Diego law firm that serves the legal needs of individuals, businesses, and public entities. With more than 100 attorneys practicing in eleven different areas of law, the firm represents some of San Diego’s most prominent companies and institutions. The Hughes Marino Firm has an established reputation for excellence in litigation, business law, and municipal representation. Our team has successfully represented clients before the U.S. Supreme Court and secured numerous significant jury verdicts for clients who others have wronged. 


For three consecutive years, Chambers USA has ranked Hughes Marino representation firm as one of the Top 25 non-city firms in California for plaintiffs’ litigation among all firms with 20 or fewer lawyers. In 2014, the National Law Journal named the firm one of the Top 25 law firms for corporate transactions. Hughes Marino was founded in 1920 and headquartered in downtown San Diego at the same location since 1922. The Firm’s lawyers work closely to provide clients with a superior level of service and attention. 


Hughes Marino is consistently recognized by other San Diego firms as a top choice for lateral partners and associates, as demonstrated again in 2016 by Vault’s ranking of Hughes Marino among the Top Ten firms. This, for lateral partner hires in San Diego County. The Hughes Marino buyer and tenant representation Firm has an extensive pro bono program, and its attorneys participate in various community service projects. 


The outstanding Hughes Marino Firm also participates in the San Diego Pro Bono Project, which coordinates pro bono volunteers and the organizations that refer them to pro bono work. The buyer and tenant representation firm serves clients from offices throughout California and its recently opened office in Phoenix, Arizona. Hughes Marino attorneys advise clients on business transactions, and teams of Hughes lawyers regularly defend complex litigation matters for individual clients across the United States.

LifeWave, A Number One Firm With A Heart For Humanity

The LifeWave company was co-founded in 2004, and since then, it has been nourishing and expanding to greater heights.

It began as a firm centered on promoting healthy living and awareness.

The firm keeps growing in fame and popularity because of its unique and high-quality products that are neither non-addictive nor non-invasive.

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The firm’s products are primarily designed to improve body wellness using natural products that have no negative impacts or side effects on normal body functioning.

The firm has managed to grow and thrive because of many products, including its Patented X39 wearable patches.

The firm started from grass and has grown tremendously to have customers in ninety countries worldwide.

Its products distribution and productivity has been improved a notch higher.

The firm’s quality assurance team works more brilliantly towards ensuring the products made by the company are user-friendly and non-addictive.

Through this, it has managed to attract several customers and win the loyalty of its customers.

The firm’s success is attributed to its dedicated team of researchers.

Through this team, the company has won several awards.

One of its primary achievements is being recognized by the Inc company as Asia’s fast thriving firm.

Testimonials and customer reviews portray LifeWave as a company working extremely hard towards achieving its mission and providing more effective products.

Customers compliment these products for being helpful in mental functioning enhancements, stress management, anxiety control, sleep improvement, and management of pain.

According to one customers’ review, she managed to control the pain experienced during chemotherapy using the patches.

Another review explains how a certain customer managed to prevent pimples on her face within three months of using the product.

Several clients compliment and celebrate the company for its significant contribution in improving their health and wellness.

It is the number one company in providing products designed for quality life enhancement.

Its role at this time of pandemic is note-worthy.

LifeWave Helps People Achieve More Independence

Lifewave is a company that sells health and wellness products to consumers through independent representatives.

Over the past several years, Lifewave has established itself as one of the most popular and trustworthy companies in the direct selling industry.

Today, the company offers plenty of products that have made a positive impact on people’s lives.

The company currently offers skincare products and nutritional supplements that have helped many people improve their quality of life.

As well as offering a line of quality products, Lifewave also offers a business opportunity for individuals who are looking to live a more enjoyable lifestyle.

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The business opportunity offered by Lifewave allows people to work as independent distributors.

As an independent distributor, you can sell any of the company’s products directly to customers.

Many people who work as independent distributors sell products to family members, friends, and acquaintances.

While they sell products to these groups of people, independent distributors can also sell products to strangers and through the internet.

As a result, there is plenty of flexibility in terms of selling the products to anyone who is interested in buying health and wellness products.

Along with selling the products to consumers, independent distributors enjoy some unique benefits.

One of these benefits is that they can set their own hours.

They will not have to go to an office and work a certain amount of hours each day.

This allows distributors to work a schedule that works best for them.

According to many independent distributors, having a flexible schedule has allowed them to live a better lifestyle.

As an independent distributor, you can also work anywhere in the world.

Whether you are in your city of residence or in a foreign country, you can sell any of the company’s products at any time.

By providing geographic mobility, Lifewave allows you to run your own business no matter where you are which also enhances the quality of life for its independent distributors.

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David Schmidt's Futurist Mind and Focus on Innovation Bore Professional Success and Fulfilment

David Schmidt is one of the world’s greatest innovators.

His invention passion showed when he was young:

He dismantled things and reorganized the pieces together.

At fifteen, he got a clear picture of which field he would take his innovation passion after a thoroughly going through, Life Extension book, by Durk Pearson.

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Health and wellness is the field David has redirected his focus, energy, and resources since then.

To be a good inventor, he needed to be knowledgeable, landing him to Pace University for a degree in Management Information Systems and Biology.

After college and before forming his health and wellness company, LifeWave, David Schmidt owned various performing corporations solely involved with invention and innovation.

With advanced technology, the companies designed and developed bespoke products and processes, earning him an honorary doctorate from IHFI.

When working with mini-sub, Schmidt created a product that used natural ways to enhance energy production, helping the navy guys stay active without the use of drugs.

This impressed him and dived his focus to devising products that help people keep their youthful state as they age.

In 2004, David Schmidt formed LifeWave, and after three years of detailed research, the company developed the Energy enhancer Patch using the phototherapy technology devised by its founder.

This patch uses natural light to enhance fat-burning leading to improved energy production.

Though the development of the product was a significant win, it did not stop there, for it is led by someone focused on achieving long-term goals.

Therefore, the company indulged itself in years of research, and after a decade, the X39 patch was developed.

X39 is more efficient than its predecessor, and besides enhancing energy production, it boosts metabolism and activates stem cells.

It also raises the levels of Copper peptides (GHK and GHK-Cu) that help in resetting one’s genes to a youthful state.

By using X39, one’s health improves for it helps them do what they want even after advancing in age, for it maintains their youthful traits.