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 Activision Blizzard is Right

Activision Blizzard is right to not side with Russia, as it seems that in recent news, it has cut off its ties with them entirely; that is good news for us, everywhere, who oppose this merciless, evil war of Russian armies on the innocent people and land of Ukraine, respectively. May such a drastic war be over very soon and good people suffer no more. The way that we can all help to ensure that this happens is by simply cutting any and all ties with the merciless, dictator run country. We need to continue to cut off Putin’s supply so that he has nowhere left to go, and nowhere else to run to, and no one left to depend on (not even the terrible president of China, who currently seems to be taking his dictator point of view and side on the matter… shame on him, too).

Anyways, Activision Blizzard has recently stood its ground, with both feet firmly planted on the ground and not budging for a single second on the issue. Activision Blizzard did what was right for everyone, and let it stand as a powerful testimony to their business. May gamers, and even company investors, as well as potential prospects, see this and rejoice. Activision Blizzard believes in defending freedom everywhere, even if it costs them some money in the process. Doing right, after all, has no dollar sign or limit on it… we do what we do, because it is the right thing, regardless of how it turns out for us in the end.

If you’ve played any of the games this company offers, you’ll know it makes some of the best around in multiple kinds of genres. If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, just Google them. They’ll pop up in your tab right away. Read more HERE:

 Activision Blizzard is the Future of Microsoft Game Pass

18 months from now the transaction for Microsoft to pay $86M for Activision Blizzard is due to be finalized. Competitors and legislators might have a lot to say before Microsoft becomes the proud owner of such video game franchises as World of Warcraft and Call of Duty. This is not Microsoft’s first rodeo when it comes to antitrust hurdles in its acquisitions.

Activision Blizzard acquired under a Biden administration. Microsoft might see a slam dunk here. Technology disturbs the peace to many baby boomer generation legislatures running the United States government today. Technology has taken over. The Meta Universe is not coming, it has arrived.

$86M is not allotted to an 18 month acquisition on a wish and a prayer. The public scrutiny may just be starting, but the powers that be on each side of the table must have a sure and strong agenda to complete this deal. Activision Blizzard has a slew of video gaming content that Microsoft Gaming will certainly be having due diligence over. Before you know it, revamped products and services will be dominant in the purview of any modern observer whether they play video games or not.

With 25 million subscribers, Microsoft’s Game Pass is a growing organic platform with customers who are always hungry for the new and the best. Gaming has been here to stay ever since the roots of Activision Blizzard, Atari Corporation, became a leader in creating video games and consoles in 1975 thru the early 1980s. With the advent of the Meta Universe, what better way could there be for Microsoft to apply old applications and themes to new technology? This will open up new products and new audiences that could possibly be the cornerstone for Microsoft’s long term plans for content and subscriber growth for Microsoft Game Pass. More to read from CNET

 Changes to Culture within Activision Blizzard

Recently, Activision Blizzard has run into some trouble with how the company is perceived. Fortunately, the CEO, Bobby Kotick, has been focusing on making improvements to help rectify this very problem.

Previously, he had written about how he had the goal of making Activision Blizzard the most inclusive, most welcoming company in the industry. The CEO spoke about how it was always their goal, throughout the last ten years, to do what was necessary to make sure that as their workforce and company grew, that their company would remain a great place to work.

Mr, Kotick acknowledged, on behalf of Activision Blizzard, that this was apparently not the case. He spoke about how people often didn’t feel comfortable speaking up about worries they had, and that these worries weren’t handled properly when they were clearly there.

He said that Activision Blizzard had clearly not put in place enough measures to make sure that what they valued was being upheld properly. He made it clear that making sure that everyone respects one another is something that they care about implicitly, and that it was never their attention to let anything else happen. It was never their intention to make it so that some voices were ignored.

Diversity of thought is something that Mr. Kotick says is at the core of how their company should work, and that they feel they’ve made progress to that end in the last few years. They’ve done things like increasing their anti-discrimination and anti-harassment training by three times and have made investigations on unwanted behavior. They’ve also instituted a zero-tolerance policy for this unwanted behavior.

They’ve also sought to increase employment for more diverse groups of people, including women and others. The company has made many other legal changes including dropping the requirement of arbitration, for example.

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