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How Edgard Corona is Emulating Planet Fitness through Smartfit

Starting any business and hoping to achieve success is always very difficult. There are very many issues that the industry is bringing about, which are not friendly to business owners. Anyone who wants to start an organization and have a record of success must consistently demonstrate that they are just better than other individuals in the same industry. Edgard Corona seems to have mastered the art of venturing into the business environment using some orthodox strategies.

Edgard Corona is the face behind Smartfit, which is a leading gym in the United States. The facility has become popular over the years, which has made him be a celebrity within the country. However, his success is based on the fact that he was able to copy what other gyms were doing around the world and managed to implement the same idea in Brazil and other countries in Latin America.

Originality is an important aspect. It helps a business owner to stand out in their industry because there is no person who has a similar idea. However, to Edgard Corona, originality does not play any role in the business sector. Copying a successful idea and being original does not matter. What really matters is whether an individual will be able to achieve success through the various ideas and strategies they will be using in their business operations and activities around the world.

Edgard Corona copied his fitness idea from Planet Fitness, which is a fitness organization operating in the United States. The fitness organization has more than one thousand gym facilities across the United States and is currently the world leader in this area. However, Corona has implemented a similar idea in another region. He has managed to pull a huge level of success, which very many individuals never thought he would have managed to achieve owing to the level of competition.

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Haroldo Jacobovicz Reflects on his Career

Starting from the bottom often brings its own set of challenges to the table. The aspiring business owners must acquire capital to buy a location and hire employees to man the floor. Once that is complete, the next phase is to establish a product or service that will offered. At this point, the hard part begins of getting off the ground by ensuring consumers discover and enter the location. Haroldo Jacobovicz had his work cut out for him in the early days of his career. He recently had a chance to compile his thoughts during a recent online interview with Ideamensch.

The origin story of his modern career began over 20 years ago when he was still in college. This is often a time in someone’s life when they can be more experimental about, they want to accomplish. Haroldo Jacobovicz recalls how he and his friends often tossed around potential ideas. However, there was one about information technology that they hoped to begin right away. Unfortunately, it was not the right time or place for that kind of business. The venture collapsed in a very short period of time. Haroldo Jacobovicz believes it was still a necessary step forward in the path of his career.

As the modern business of Haroldo Jacobovicz took shape, he has begun to open up about the secrets of his trade. Most importantly, he likes to be curious about how different things interact. A breakthrough could be hidden behind just a little critical thinking. He then expands on the need read as much as possible. The economic tides will not wait for the uneducated to catch up. Go Here for related Information. Take advantage of every situation to improve yourself. This includes taking up a book during downtime. He recalls the numbers turns in life, and how the choices converged.

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Creating His Own Vision – Abdulla Al Humaidi

Whether it’s investing in a company or a sports team, the founder of Kuwaiti European Holding, Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi can seemingly do it all. Dr. Humaidi has held several titles over the years, from Chairman to CEO, and these days he is laser focused on some very unique investments. 


Ebbsfleet United Football Club


Serving as the chairman of the football club, Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi, is also the owner. His Kuwaiti European Holding company owns the club through KEH Sports Limited, which is owned by the aforementioned KEH. The soccer club has a squad that competes in the National League South in Kent, England. According to Abdulla Al Humaidi, the club also offers training and competition at the youth level. 


London Resort


Currently, in the planning and acceptance stages, the London Resort theme  park is a wide-sweeping project in the Kent area, covering 465 hectares. The London Resort will sit on the iconic River Thames and offer guests a variety of entertainment options while also providing a sustainable and low carbon footprint. According to Abdulla Al Humaidi, the first theme park in the complex is scheduled to open in 2024, and a second in 2029. The park will also bring economic stimulus and jobs into the area. 


Armila Capital


Armila Capital provides investment banking services for clients around the world. The firm offers corporate finance and real estate advisory services along with strategic consulting. The firm is FCA regulated and has worked as advisors for Prudential, Deutsche Bank, Lloyds Bank, and other prestigious firms and companies. 


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