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The Pandemic’s Social Inequality Prompts the Establishment of Haroldo Jacobovicz Institute

For more than three decades, Jacobovicz and his family have invested heavily in philanthropy, and 2022, an institute will be launched. In Brazil, social inequality has left tremendous impacts on the coronavirus pandemic period. A certain survey concentrated on a locality’s income and provided the most devastating mark in 2021. Based on this scenario, Haroldo Jacobovicz, a Curitiba investor and entrepreneur intensified his actions like more donations to different charity foundations in Curitiba.

The Haroldo Jacobovicz Institute (IHJ) is an organization that absorbs and expands humanitarian practices. The non-profit was launched in 2021 and stationed in Curitiba. From January 2022, the institute will have a management budget for daily operations. Haroldo Jacobovicz is the organization’s CEO, Sarita Zlotnik, his wife is the deputy CEO, Karina is the administrative director, and Valeria is the legal director.

Haroldo and his ventures were donating some funds into IHJ, and the target is to push the figure more in 2022. The money is distributed to nursing facilities, daycares, animal protection sites, cancer prevention and treatment campaigns, hospitals, disabilities, and children’s homes. The organization’s slogan is built on togetherness and unity. This way, Haroldo believes that more people will be mobilized to participate in helping the needy. Coronavirus is considered a dangerous societal disease because it makes everyone vulnerable. This situation demonstrated that everyone is at risk including the ones who take care of themselves. Haroldo believes that the decision will impact well-being during this critical period and more

As soon as the pandemic kicked in, more voluntary actions came up because people focused on emergency concerns like mobilization to give out food, hygienic products like gel alcohol, and basic baskets to the disadvantaged populations. A certain platform recorded a tremendous growth in voluntary actions within the first quarter a year into the pandemic.

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What Ombori Means to the Innovation Lovers

Today, shoppers appreciate the high level of technology driving the business industry. The talking mirror and the interactive window displays serve as perfect examples. The use of smartphones has also fueled technology in our daily lives. Several brands exist, where innovation is part of their DNA. Such include Ombori that has taken the lead in the international market.

Founded by Andreas Hassellof, Ombori has captured the attention of thousands of loyal customers from different parts of the globe. The founder boasts of introducing the talking mirror technology. He has initiated other impressive innovations that have won the adoration of many consumers. The innovator believes in the philosophy of improving the shopping experience and allowing business owners to operate feasibly.

The public appreciates seamless innovations that Ombori has continued to launch since its onset. It has performed tremendously to improve mobile technology in a constantly transforming market. Retailers and consumers have collectively reaped endless benefits. Andreas Hassellof believes that interactive novelty improves the way brands network with their consumers in the international corridors.

A Sample of Interactive Technologies

The talking mirror has amused consumers and retailers in the modern business setup. The technology exists courtesy of H&M, which implemented it in New York City. It uses a sensor to detect a shopper who gazes at it longer than usual. Interactively, the system asks one whether they wish to take a selfie, after which it displays a countdown. A customer can download the photo to their phone with the help of a QR code scanner.

With the existence of interactive window displays, Clas Ohlson has attracted dozens of customers. Ombori created a technology that has brought significant transformation to the business industry, easing how retailers market their brands. With an enormous screen installed on a window, customers interact with it to get detailed information about the store. Additionally, the system allows buyers to place orders while standing outside the store.

Innovators such as Andreas Hassellof take credit for such technologies. They have shaped the business industry, making it more productive. They have made it possible for people to shop comfortably, conveniently, and delightfully.

Getting To Know More About Haroldo Jacobovicz

One of the greatest and common skills in entrepreneurs is the ability to consistently pursue one’s business to full capacity. Mistakes and failures are part of common business activities to entrepreneurs which is the main push behind their consistent forward drive. Haroldo Jacobovicz is one business entrepreneur who has thrived by the failure of his business ventures. He is a leading investor in the technology and construction fields. Early Life Haroldo Jacobovicz was born in Curitiba in 1961. He was born to civil engineer parents and was the eldest of his four siblings. He attended Stella Maris College and Elementary High School which shaped his younger teenage years to be built on values such as discipline, respect, and team spirit. Inspired by his parents he pursued Civil Engineering at the Federal University in 1979.
Haroldo Jacobovicz was so passionate about creating IT-related businesses that together with his friends he started Microsystems. Microsystems was aimed at creating automated services for pharmacies and supermarkets. The business venture was short-lived as it closed down in one year due to a lack of customers. Career growth He then started his first employment as an engineer at Exxon Mobil Corporation after being chosen as the best from a list of over 150 engineers. He worked his way up through skill and resilience from a salesperson to take the responsibility of the commercial tactics and new business sector of the company.
He later relocated to Curitiba to work as an advisor to the technical board for Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant. His entrepreneurship ventures started again when he formed Minauro Company which functioned as a leasing company for computers. The company was the first in its industry to work with the public sector to supply and maintain its computer systems. Haroldo Jacobovicz later built Horizons Telecom to serve the corporate market. The company provides a 100% fiber network and redundancy at multiple points. In 2020, he created Horizons Datacenter to offer cloud communication services.

Leonid Radvinsky and Other Tech Entrepreneurs Using Programming Languages to Write the Future 


Leo Radvinsky

Technology builds upon the past. Visionaries like Leonid Radvinsky understand that continuous improvement drives innovation. This is especially true in the realm of programming languages. By upgrading these tools, developers can create powerful apps more efficiently than ever before.


Visual Basic defined an entire generation of programming. B4X, an open source development suite, runs on BASIC, a modern take on the classic language. With a quick learning curve and broad platform support, B4X offers exciting opportunities for developers and people interested in learning how to code. Leo Radvinsky is particularly hopeful that B4X will help foster a new generation of creative developers.

Communication & Social Media

The biggest factor to consider when developing a social media app or website is traffic. Legacy programming languages weren’t built for today’s level of immense data transfer. That’s where Elixir comes in. This open source powerhouse combines and enhances the capabilities of Erlang and Ruby. Major brands like Pepsi, Toyota, and Bleacher Report found Elixir to be the cure to their traffic woes.


Many of today’s streaming services are powered by some iteration of a classic programming language. Netflix, for example, runs on Elixir. The improved framework allows Netflix to deliver hi-definition content to millions of viewers across the world simultaneously. This astounding level of scalability and concurrency would be impossible with Ruby or Java alone. Yet, it was precisely these limitations that inspired the need for something better.

Sometimes it’s worth it to take a step back and appreciate the tools of the past. By understanding the framework and philosophy behind legacy programming languages, developers can fashion them into powerful tools like B4X and Elixir. These languages will become stepping stones for the next generation, creating a cycle of innovation that makes the future of app development all the more exciting.

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