Georgette Mulheir and Her Plight for the People of Haiti

Georgette Mulheir coordinated to defend Haiti’s Democracy Coalition of International Human Rights Defenders. Recently, during the same timeframe that the United Nations Security Council gathered to cover security in countries of unrest, protesters gathered and threatened this plight of peace. This threat shows us how volatile that peace is. It shows how volatile a system can be as well. Haiti has always had slavery. The struggle for individual freedom in Haiti still struggles on. Georgette Mulheir, a spokesperson for democracy in Haiti, addressed the unique history of the place. There are talks about the corruption behind the scene and other indiscretions. Around 2014, she began working to rebuild the country. She has addressed topics like the human trafficking of children since the earthquake around that same time. 


Georgette Mulheir spoke of fake orphanages that exist to take the children of poor families for trafficking. Her outstanding publications are some of the most extensive research on social services and the abusive tendencies towards those in need all around the world. The country of Haiti has become her plight to achieve peace and freedom for the children of the country and the parents who brought them into the world. As an activist, Georgette Mulheir began her plight to help others in Sheffield, where she worked in social services. It was there that she first discovered how volatile the unrest in Haiti has become. In 2014, her work gained her notoriety and she received one of the 30 most influential social workers in the world. 

In 2015, she won the Disruptive Innovation Award in Tribeca for her work. Her education at Sheffield University was first inspired by her family. Georgette Mulheir´s mother was a resident social worker in Sheffield. She is well-known for her Ted Talks on the state of orphanages. She is working hard to bring awareness of other methods for caring for the children in need of homes. Human rights defendant and activist Georgette Mulheir has also addressed this political crisis of democracy. Dictatorship reigns supreme in Haiti and Georgette Mulheir spoke of the gangs within the country, making the struggle even more complex. Voter suppression is an enormous problem in the Haiti country, as are the kidnappings and protestors against freedom and peace.

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