Leonid Radvinsky and Other Tech Entrepreneurs Using Programming Languages to Write the Future 


Leo Radvinsky

Technology builds upon the past. Visionaries like Leonid Radvinsky understand that continuous improvement drives innovation. This is especially true in the realm of programming languages. By upgrading these tools, developers can create powerful apps more efficiently than ever before.


Visual Basic defined an entire generation of programming. B4X, an open source development suite, runs on BASIC, a modern take on the classic language. With a quick learning curve and broad platform support, B4X offers exciting opportunities for developers and people interested in learning how to code. Leo Radvinsky is particularly hopeful that B4X will help foster a new generation of creative developers.

Communication & Social Media

The biggest factor to consider when developing a social media app or website is traffic. Legacy programming languages weren’t built for today’s level of immense data transfer. That’s where Elixir comes in. This open source powerhouse combines and enhances the capabilities of Erlang and Ruby. Major brands like Pepsi, Toyota, and Bleacher Report found Elixir to be the cure to their traffic woes.


Many of today’s streaming services are powered by some iteration of a classic programming language. Netflix, for example, runs on Elixir. The improved framework allows Netflix to deliver hi-definition content to millions of viewers across the world simultaneously. This astounding level of scalability and concurrency would be impossible with Ruby or Java alone. Yet, it was precisely these limitations that inspired the need for something better.

Sometimes it’s worth it to take a step back and appreciate the tools of the past. By understanding the framework and philosophy behind legacy programming languages, developers can fashion them into powerful tools like B4X and Elixir. These languages will become stepping stones for the next generation, creating a cycle of innovation that makes the future of app development all the more exciting.

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