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Early Life and Career Journey of John Ritenour

John Ritenour, the husband of Valli and father of Heath Ritenour, IOA’S current Chairman and CEO grew up in the outskirts of Pittsburgh: McKeesport, Pennsylvania. John Ritenour is a visionary individual, and as old as five years old, he was confident that he would own valuable things like the beautiful buildings he used to see while walking with his mother. It is in high school where he met his life partner Valli who turned out to be a business partner as well. Following his graduation, John secured an opportunity at a local steel mill company, a job he gave his best to the point of being recognized by the management.

From the steel mill company, John Ritenour moved to his brother’s bakery before transitioning into the insurance industry, where he started as a salesman. His aggressiveness and hard work made him become the top producer of the company in just six months. After working for a few years, he partnered with his wife, establishing an insurance agency that they sold ten years later before relocating to Central Florida. Together with Valli, in 1988, they created the Insurance Office of Florida, which later grew to the Insurance Office of America.

As a business-minded person, John Ritenour maximizes his innovative and creative capability to offer solutions to existing problems. Through hard work and customer-oriented focus, John has led IOA through its critical transitioning phases to becoming the US’s eleventh-largest insurance agency that has over 1300 associates spread across its sixty-plus subsidiaries. By working close to his son, Heath, John prepared him well for the task of taking the family business legacy to the next level. He handed over the leadership of IOA to Heath in 2008. Though retired, he works closely with his son, and in 2020, they launched the GLIO program. As a philanthropist, John Ritenour established IOA Foundation that focuses on causes rooted in health and wellness, education, children, animals, financial empowerment, social services, entrepreneurship, and literacy to give back to the community.

Learn more about John: https://inspirery.com/john-ritenour/

Tom S Chang MD Highlights Important Tips to Prevent Light Problems in Eyes

Besides light sensitivity, it is essential to indicate that there are other forms of light aspects that have been causing some severe problems to the eyes of various individuals. Many people have been treated with light sensitivity, but they continue to experience some major issues such as a chronic eye strain disease, when they are handling various activities, especially in an outdoor environment. Tom S Chang MD understands that there are some common issues about light that people should understand.


According to Tom S Chang MD, not all light is good to the eye as light comes at different intensity and wavelength. Therefore, people with eye problems should not face light directly as this can have some extreme eye problems. At any given time, Tom S Chang has said, people with eye problems should always allow light to come from behind. This is the only way they will prevent common problems (Crunchbase).

Adjusting the intensity of light from the standard devices that an individual is using is an essential aspect that such individuals should make sure they have incorporated. Most of the devices such as mobile phones and computers are made in such a way that light can easily be adjusted. This will help in addressing most of the eye problems. Besides adjusting light from common devices, Tom S Chang MD has explained that it is essential for people with eye problems to consider buying appliances with a specialized light. If an individual is using light to read, it is better for such individuals to make sure that they have been able to deal with most of the eye issues that are usually caused by the light that people have been facing.

Creating His Own Vision – Abdulla Al Humaidi

Whether it’s investing in a company or a sports team, the founder of Kuwaiti European Holding, Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi can seemingly do it all. Dr. Humaidi has held several titles over the years, from Chairman to CEO, and these days he is laser focused on some very unique investments. 


Ebbsfleet United Football Club


Serving as the chairman of the football club, Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi, is also the owner. His Kuwaiti European Holding company owns the club through KEH Sports Limited, which is owned by the aforementioned KEH. The soccer club has a squad that competes in the National League South in Kent, England. According to Abdulla Al Humaidi, the club also offers training and competition at the youth level. 


London Resort


Currently, in the planning and acceptance stages, the London Resort theme  park is a wide-sweeping project in the Kent area, covering 465 hectares. The London Resort will sit on the iconic River Thames and offer guests a variety of entertainment options while also providing a sustainable and low carbon footprint. According to Abdulla Al Humaidi, the first theme park in the complex is scheduled to open in 2024, and a second in 2029. The park will also bring economic stimulus and jobs into the area. 


Armila Capital


Armila Capital provides investment banking services for clients around the world. The firm offers corporate finance and real estate advisory services along with strategic consulting. The firm is FCA regulated and has worked as advisors for Prudential, Deutsche Bank, Lloyds Bank, and other prestigious firms and companies. 


Newswire reviews on Abdulla Al Humaidi projects at the Kuwaiti European Holding company https://newswire.net/newsroom/blog-post/00168595-kuwaiti-european-holding-company-and-dr-abdulla-al-humaidi-push-for-continual-expansion.html

Leonid Radvinsky and Other Tech Entrepreneurs Using Programming Languages to Write the Future 


Leo Radvinsky

Technology builds upon the past. Visionaries like Leonid Radvinsky understand that continuous improvement drives innovation. This is especially true in the realm of programming languages. By upgrading these tools, developers can create powerful apps more efficiently than ever before.


Visual Basic defined an entire generation of programming. B4X, an open source development suite, runs on BASIC, a modern take on the classic language. With a quick learning curve and broad platform support, B4X offers exciting opportunities for developers and people interested in learning how to code. Leo Radvinsky is particularly hopeful that B4X will help foster a new generation of creative developers.

Communication & Social Media

The biggest factor to consider when developing a social media app or website is traffic. Legacy programming languages weren’t built for today’s level of immense data transfer. That’s where Elixir comes in. This open source powerhouse combines and enhances the capabilities of Erlang and Ruby. Major brands like Pepsi, Toyota, and Bleacher Report found Elixir to be the cure to their traffic woes.


Many of today’s streaming services are powered by some iteration of a classic programming language. Netflix, for example, runs on Elixir. The improved framework allows Netflix to deliver hi-definition content to millions of viewers across the world simultaneously. This astounding level of scalability and concurrency would be impossible with Ruby or Java alone. Yet, it was precisely these limitations that inspired the need for something better.

Sometimes it’s worth it to take a step back and appreciate the tools of the past. By understanding the framework and philosophy behind legacy programming languages, developers can fashion them into powerful tools like B4X and Elixir. These languages will become stepping stones for the next generation, creating a cycle of innovation that makes the future of app development all the more exciting.

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