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Edgard Corona, the Founder of the Largest Gym in Latin America

Edgard Corona is the founder and chief executive officer of Bio Ritmo. He was born in Brazil in 1958. After graduating from high school, he enrolled to study chemical engineer at Fundação institute. He studied in the institute between 1974 and 1979. The company is one of the famous sports companies in Brazil and other Latin American countries. He is also a forerunner in the business management process, which focuses on sports practice.

Edgar Corona is also known for his professional career, where he previously worked in the industrial sector. In early 1980, he started working at the Açucareira family factory, which was his family company, but it faced many challenges in finance. To reverse the situation, he took over as company COO to directly be responsible for the recovery of the business. In the midst-1990s, some problems caused him to exit the company.

In 1996, Edgard Corona founded Bio Ritmo as Academy in Avenida Paulista. The academy did not manage to develop in its early years. In Avenida, the main objective of the academy was to help workers improve their health through physical activities. An initiative between workers and the academy began to gain prominence, so he opened new branches in other different cities. When the company continued to grow, he attended conferences to create a new company model.

In 2008, he founded SmartFit (SMFT3), it was a gym offering its services at the lowest prices available in the market. Bio Ritmo was responsible for the success of SmartFit. He implemented changes that SmartFit became the 5th largest sports network in the country in a decade. The gym is now present in every part of the country. All this success was after Edgard Corona position himself as the chief executive officer in the company to know more click here.