Thomas Neyhart PosiGen CEO: A Community Company

PosiGen is a solar energy installment company 100% committed to the communities it serves. Homeowners can choose from solar energy installment leasing or purchasing with either decision providing saving benefits to the customer. As Thomas Neyhart assures, PosiGen offers an evaluation of your home for implementing energy-efficient maintenance. Free demonstrations are available. The use of solar energy first involves PosiGen designing and engineering for your specific home. 


PosiGen solar power company does the work for you by seeking permits and approval to install. Then, comes the installation. Once installation is inspected and accepted, PosiGen activates its services. For leasing customers, a low, fixed monthly payment that includes monitoring and maintenance of your solar energy system. According to Thomas Neyhart, current CEO at PosiGen, no minimum credit required and a no-cost upfront because the installation is included in your monthly payment. Homeowners will have the benefit of having no electricity bill, a low electricity bill, or building up electricity credit for any future bills incurred. 


For homeowners wishing to purchase their system, an increased home value is the highest reward achieved. Financing options with a 12-year agreement to monitor your solar panel system are included with your installation. PosiGen does not exclude the non-solar panel buyer when delivering its benefits to the homeowner community. Energy-efficient audits are conducted on specific areas such as windows, plumbing, and doors to name a few. Your duct system, Thomas Neyhart points out when talking about procedures at PosiGen company, ceilings, and walls could contain correctable flaws to decrease your monthly utility bills. Once maintenance is complete homeowners can add the value of this money-saving technique to the price of selling in the future.

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