Andrew Lazarus Buys Beach Hotel Merewether

Andrew Lazarus, the owner of Andrew Lazarus Hotels, has bought Beach Hotel Merewether.

Lazarus is known for his philanthropy work and passion for sustainability.

This purchase marks Lazarus’ first foray into Sydney’s beachside suburbs.

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Lazarus said: It is an exciting time for Beach Hotel Merewether, and we look forward to welcoming guests to our new facilities.”

The hotel will undergo a total renovation and expansion under the guidance of renowned architect Michael Hawley.

Hawley says: This hotel is a real challenger project that has been neglected for many years now. I look forward to seeing it shine again as a beacon on Merewether beach.”

Andrew Lazarus Hotels is renowned for its five-star luxury resorts and high standard of service.

The Merewether renovation is sure to show the same level of polish.

The hotel has bought several building sites next to Beach Hotel Merewether and plans to develop them into smaller boutique hotels since they hold such good potential in the growing beachside market.

Peter Lazarus, Andrew’s brother, said: It makes sense to build more hotels next door.

They are close enough that they can share resources but still be their own business.”

Lazarus Hotel was founded by Lazarus’ grandfather, Loui Lazarus.

It is well known for its luxury resorts and high standard of service.

Over the years, many hotel owners have come to Lazarus seeking advice about purchasing hotels.

He has handed down his knowledge to the next generation so they may continue his legacy.

It is not a surprise to see Lazarus invest in the Merewether beachfront.

The location is very ripe for a luxury hotel.

However, it is still surprising that they did not purchase one of the other Seaview hotels.

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