Career Trajectory of Greg Blatt

Greg Blatt is a chief entrepreneur from America with vast expertise in the technology industry. He started his career journey as a corporate attorney. Blatt also has experience in legal matters pertaining entrainment sector. However, his biggest achievement has been creating more senior positions for the ten-year term he has served in the IAC firm. Blatt has been the chairperson and president of IAC and its main branches Match Group and Tinder. While in this role, Blatt has been able to focus on the rising sector and maintain its significance in the dynamic technology industry.

Greg Blatt has considered himself to be a Nomad. He studied English in college, and after graduation, he visited different parts of the world, working as a bar attender and doing other handy jobs like painting houses to earn a living. Blatt enjoyed nature and camping, and he even once camped in Telluride. In his journey to discovering new experiences, he enrolled in law school on the spur of the moment; he did not know that it would be the best choice he had ever made. Blatt learned to think rigorously at law school and believed law school was athletic brain therapy.

After graduation, he landed a job in one of the best mergers and acquisition law companies in New York. The position was hard, and even though Greg cherished the strong work morals, he established, working as a lawyer was not the route he wanted to take. He later worked at an entertainment law company with aspirations of becoming a screenwriter. Still, Blatt developed a good relationship with Martha Stewart, one of his customers, who later offered him a job as general counsel for her organization. After four years of working with Martha, one of his former workmates endorsed him for a vice president general counsel role at IAC, where he worked for ten years.

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