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Andrew Lazarus

Andrew Lazarus’ success in Newcastle real estate investment

Andrew Lazarus is a philanthropist and a businessman based in Sydney, Australia.

He is known for his success in real estate development and the hospitality industry.

He has also acquired multiple hotels in Sydney.

Andrew has majorly been known for acquiring the beach hotel in Newcastle in 2019.

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Andrew has possessed the asset for several years and transformed it to fit its future life of fifty years.

However, since the selling price has always been appreciating, they decided to sell the huge property.

This resulted from increased demand for beach properties and many migrations to the coastal area.

After shifting to Newcastle, Andrew found adjusting difficult since the new place needed different strategies from Sydney.

His previous purchase of Exchange hotel helped him get experience handling the business and understanding the hospitality industry.

In previous years of owning real estate properties, Andrew, his son, and a business partner have made several mistakes that carried them through successfully managing the property.

They spent time learning about the hotel’s operation and enquired the locals and visitors about their expectations of the property.

Even after selling the asset, they carried the lessons learned to their other real estate projects.

While in real estate investment, he developed and prioritized his philanthropic nature.

Andrew started a charity and gave back to the community to satisfy his passion.

He also holds community meetings and activities at real estate properties and hotels for charity activities.

In addition, he has a current project aiming to promote hospitality and help the local communities.

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Justin Halladay

JJ3B is an international marketing and digital agency specializing in creating brand experiences for brands looking to grow their business.

We work with companies of every size and industry, from startups to global corporations.

If it’s marketing that makes a difference for your company, we’re the people you want on your team.

Our agency provides a full range of services, including digital marketing, design, and strategy consulting.

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Our team works with businesses of all sizes—from startups to global corporations—to help them execute online strategies that drive business growth and profitability.

To learn more about our approach and services, check out our website or get in touch if you have questions about what JJ3B can do for your business.

As the CEO and the President of JJ3B, Justin Halladay is looking forward to the future of JJ3B and its growth.

He believes that the agency is in an excellent position to take advantage of the next few years.

Justin Halladay thinks that the industry is in a perfect place.

He says that the rise of social media and mobile technology will help the agency to keep growing.

Justin Halladay says that he has invested a lot in his company, and he believes it is time for him to take some time off.

He feels that it is time for him to spend time with his family and do other personal things.

He also thinks that it is time for him to make sure that JJ3B does not fall behind because of his absence.

JJ3B has been one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the country since its inception in 2005.

The agency has been able to stay at the forefront of this new era by focusing on providing cutting-edge services and technologies to its clients.

The agency has also shown significant growth over these years, with over 160 employees at various locations around the United States.

Justin Halladay believes that JJ3B will continue growing at this rate in the coming years as well.

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The Franci Neely Foundation

The Franci Neely Foundation, helmed by Director of Philanthropy and Community Engagement Sarah Franci Neely, operates as a nonprofit organization to raise awareness and funds to support the treatment of pediatric cancer patients and their families.

Neely’s father-in-law, who also happens to be her husband, Tom Neely, is a pediatric cancer survivor, and so is the organization’s namesake, Francine Neely.

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The organization was named in honor of Francine.

Today, Neely is not only the Director of Philanthropy and Community Engagement for the nonprofit organization, but she is also working toward completing her doctorate in Public Service Management from Northeastern University.

Franci Neely Foundation Accomplishments

The Franci Neely Foundation’s primary objective is to support pediatric cancer patients and their families.

To accomplish this goal, the foundation works to increase awareness about pediatric cancer and provide information on how to support pediatric cancer patients and their families.

Another significant accomplishment of the foundation is the development of the Franci Neely Foundation Fellows Program, which is designed to provide pediatric cancer patients with an experience that can help them become more involved and engaged in the community.

The Fellows Program also allows the foundation to provide more services to such patients.

Bottom Line

The Franci Neely Foundation is a small organization with big ambitions.

organization, helmed by Director of Philanthropy and Community Engagement Sarah Franci Neely, operates as a nonprofit organization to raise awareness and funds to support the treatment of pediatric cancer patients and their families.

 Activision Blizzard is Right

Activision Blizzard is right to not side with Russia, as it seems that in recent news, it has cut off its ties with them entirely; that is good news for us, everywhere, who oppose this merciless, evil war of Russian armies on the innocent people and land of Ukraine, respectively. May such a drastic war be over very soon and good people suffer no more. The way that we can all help to ensure that this happens is by simply cutting any and all ties with the merciless, dictator run country. We need to continue to cut off Putin’s supply so that he has nowhere left to go, and nowhere else to run to, and no one left to depend on (not even the terrible president of China, who currently seems to be taking his dictator point of view and side on the matter… shame on him, too).

Anyways, Activision Blizzard has recently stood its ground, with both feet firmly planted on the ground and not budging for a single second on the issue. Activision Blizzard did what was right for everyone, and let it stand as a powerful testimony to their business. May gamers, and even company investors, as well as potential prospects, see this and rejoice. Activision Blizzard believes in defending freedom everywhere, even if it costs them some money in the process. Doing right, after all, has no dollar sign or limit on it… we do what we do, because it is the right thing, regardless of how it turns out for us in the end.

If you’ve played any of the games this company offers, you’ll know it makes some of the best around in multiple kinds of genres. If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, just Google them. They’ll pop up in your tab right away. Read more HERE:

 Activision Blizzard is the Future of Microsoft Game Pass

18 months from now the transaction for Microsoft to pay $86M for Activision Blizzard is due to be finalized. Competitors and legislators might have a lot to say before Microsoft becomes the proud owner of such video game franchises as World of Warcraft and Call of Duty. This is not Microsoft’s first rodeo when it comes to antitrust hurdles in its acquisitions.

Activision Blizzard acquired under a Biden administration. Microsoft might see a slam dunk here. Technology disturbs the peace to many baby boomer generation legislatures running the United States government today. Technology has taken over. The Meta Universe is not coming, it has arrived.

$86M is not allotted to an 18 month acquisition on a wish and a prayer. The public scrutiny may just be starting, but the powers that be on each side of the table must have a sure and strong agenda to complete this deal. Activision Blizzard has a slew of video gaming content that Microsoft Gaming will certainly be having due diligence over. Before you know it, revamped products and services will be dominant in the purview of any modern observer whether they play video games or not.

With 25 million subscribers, Microsoft’s Game Pass is a growing organic platform with customers who are always hungry for the new and the best. Gaming has been here to stay ever since the roots of Activision Blizzard, Atari Corporation, became a leader in creating video games and consoles in 1975 thru the early 1980s. With the advent of the Meta Universe, what better way could there be for Microsoft to apply old applications and themes to new technology? This will open up new products and new audiences that could possibly be the cornerstone for Microsoft’s long term plans for content and subscriber growth for Microsoft Game Pass. More to read from CNET

Zilch's new food option puts the British at ease

For those who like to eat fancy food but don’t like to be in debt, Zilch is a perfect option because they have a Buy Now Pay Later Food option. With the Zilch Buy Now Pay Later Food, people who want to be frugal can eat at a variety of different restaurants. Scattered all across the United Kingdom, people who use Zilch and the Buy Now Pay Later Food option can eat at a variety of different restaurants that would usually cost a fortune. Such an example is Thornbury Castle, a hotel situated in a castle with an amazing dining experience due to its historical charm. There’s also the infamous Grub Club Underground Superclub which has a large array of French cuisine perfect for foodies. There’s also a Murder Express restaurant for those who use Buy Now Pay Later Food from Zilch, which is great for both train lovers and murder mystery lovers alike. The Murder Express is considered a luxury restaurant with a variety of drink options and a 4-course menu from the Master Chief finalist from 2017, Louisa Ellis.

This new payment system isn’t only great for foodies, but it’s also great for those who love cats and a hot cup of tea as well. The Kitty Café is a café that uses Zilch’s brand new system, all while making sure that they rehouse plenty of stray and injured cats until they find a home. Customers can not only tend to the cats but they have an option between 200 different flavors of tea. Zilch promises that if you dine here you’d only have to pay about 25% upfront, then pay the rest of it over six weeks.

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Andrew Lazarus Buys Beach Hotel Merewether

Andrew Lazarus, the owner of Andrew Lazarus Hotels, has bought Beach Hotel Merewether.

Lazarus is known for his philanthropy work and passion for sustainability.

This purchase marks Lazarus’ first foray into Sydney’s beachside suburbs.

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Lazarus said: It is an exciting time for Beach Hotel Merewether, and we look forward to welcoming guests to our new facilities.”

The hotel will undergo a total renovation and expansion under the guidance of renowned architect Michael Hawley.

Hawley says: This hotel is a real challenger project that has been neglected for many years now. I look forward to seeing it shine again as a beacon on Merewether beach.”

Andrew Lazarus Hotels is renowned for its five-star luxury resorts and high standard of service.

The Merewether renovation is sure to show the same level of polish.

The hotel has bought several building sites next to Beach Hotel Merewether and plans to develop them into smaller boutique hotels since they hold such good potential in the growing beachside market.

Peter Lazarus, Andrew’s brother, said: It makes sense to build more hotels next door.

They are close enough that they can share resources but still be their own business.”

Lazarus Hotel was founded by Lazarus’ grandfather, Loui Lazarus.

It is well known for its luxury resorts and high standard of service.

Over the years, many hotel owners have come to Lazarus seeking advice about purchasing hotels.

He has handed down his knowledge to the next generation so they may continue his legacy.

It is not a surprise to see Lazarus invest in the Merewether beachfront.

The location is very ripe for a luxury hotel.

However, it is still surprising that they did not purchase one of the other Seaview hotels.

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QNET, a legit direct selling business

QNET scam is a vague propaganda carried round by business competitors. This is because QNET a legit online that offers the opportunity to people to transact and carry out business online through direct selling. The sellers get an opportunity to sell what they have, and the buyers can ask for what they require. The customers get their high-quality products while allowing the sellers to promote these products. Learn more

Reasons why QNET is a legit business

It has more than two decades of direct selling industry experience

Since its establishment, it has been operational throughout without fail for over the last 20 years. This has helped people get their products easily and quickly without traveling to where the producer is necessary. Furthermore, it has created job opportunities for micro-entrepreneurs who find it hard to invest traditionally. Therefore, QNET scam myths are baseless.

 It operates in countries with stringent consumer protection laws

Every international business must adhere to the set standards of the countries they are willing to transact their businesses in. these countries that QNET operates in include Rwanda, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Malaysia. All these countries have consumer protection laws that prohibit any fake businesses from operating. It proves, therefore, that this business has met all the requirements to operate in these countries. Allegations about QNET scam lacks validity.

It pays commissions based entirely on products sold

The business is designed to pay commissions only on the sale of a product sold, which is not differentiated between those who joined earlier or later, unlike other businesses that pay based on entry time. Therefore, this puts the business in the limelight of being legal as opposed to those claiming to be scams.

Though there have been cases of scam businesses all over the world, QNET cannot fall in the category of fake businesses since it has met the requirements and customers have built confidence in their service delivery.