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Fortress Investment Group's Commitment to Community

Fortress Investment Group came was incepted in 1998 as a pure private equity firm but has steadily grown into a broadly diversified global investment manager. The company’s leadership is dedicated to maintaining strong corporate governance guidelines and practices. Fortress’s Board of Directors has set forth significant policies and measures along with a framework for creating the maximum level of business accountability integrity.

With headquarters in New York, Fortress Investment Group currently manages approximately $54 billion worth of assets and continues growing. The company also oversees assets on behalf of more than 1,800 private investors and institutional clients globally across the fields of private equity, permanent capital investment strategies, credit, and real estate.

Fortress Investment Group strives to generate sturdy risk-adjusted returns for their investors over the long term with Investment Performance as its foundation. By mid-2021, the firm had around 835 employees and 195 investment specialists at the New York headquarters and other affiliate offices globally.

The company’s Senior Advisor Tim Sloan prides in Fortress’s approval and full support in his commitment to helping the community through giving. In the quest to improve the ongoing enthusiasm to help in equal access to education, Tim, with the help of Lisa, his wife, has established endowed scholarship and internship programs at the Stamps Art School, Ross Business School, Education, Chemistry History, and Economics Departments of the Michigan University. Through Fortress, the duo has also put forth scholarships at The California Institute of Technology for needy students.

The respected couple has received the Angel of Hope Award from The Los Angeles Union Rescue Mission which is among the biggest homeless shelters in the United States. They also recently received the Guardian Angel Award from Villa Esperanza, which offers fantastic services to children and adults with intellectual and developmental incapacities.

Fortress Investment Group has refined a set of tools for evaluating structural, operational, and strategic challenges. The tools enable the company to take part and benefit from complex investments.

Edgard Corona, the Founder of the Largest Gym in Latin America

Edgard Corona is the founder and chief executive officer of Bio Ritmo. He was born in Brazil in 1958. After graduating from high school, he enrolled to study chemical engineer at Fundação institute. He studied in the institute between 1974 and 1979. The company is one of the famous sports companies in Brazil and other Latin American countries. He is also a forerunner in the business management process, which focuses on sports practice.

Edgar Corona is also known for his professional career, where he previously worked in the industrial sector. In early 1980, he started working at the Açucareira family factory, which was his family company, but it faced many challenges in finance. To reverse the situation, he took over as company COO to directly be responsible for the recovery of the business. In the midst-1990s, some problems caused him to exit the company.

In 1996, Edgard Corona founded Bio Ritmo as Academy in Avenida Paulista. The academy did not manage to develop in its early years. In Avenida, the main objective of the academy was to help workers improve their health through physical activities. An initiative between workers and the academy began to gain prominence, so he opened new branches in other different cities. When the company continued to grow, he attended conferences to create a new company model.

In 2008, he founded SmartFit (SMFT3), it was a gym offering its services at the lowest prices available in the market. Bio Ritmo was responsible for the success of SmartFit. He implemented changes that SmartFit became the 5th largest sports network in the country in a decade. The gym is now present in every part of the country. All this success was after Edgard Corona position himself as the chief executive officer in the company to know more click here.

Billboard Names Desiree Perez Executive of the Year

Billboard has named Desi Perez, Executive of the Year! She has been with the company for over two decades and helped to make Billboard one of the most reliable sources for music industry news. Desi will be honored at our annual Women in Music event on December 6th, where she is set to give an inspirational speech about her time as a woman in music. Congrats Desi!

Finally! A woman has been named the Executive of the Year by Billboard, and it’s no surprise that she is a record executive. There are not many female executives in the music industry, but one woman at FremantleMedia North America (FMNA) is paving her way to help more women get into positions within the company and the music industry in general. Desi Perez is an Executive Vice President of Music Strategy at FMNA and has been with them for over two decades.

Working her way up from Assistant to Senior Director, Desiree Perez helped oversee the department’s transition to being a full-fledged unit within the company. She manages all of FremantleMedia’s music initiatives and produces many of their shows, including “American Idol” and “America’s Got Talent”. She has also worked on several other projects that include MTV Video Music Awards.

Desiree Perez is also the founder of The Future First Initiative, which aims to help young women get into positions with power in the industry. It’s an extension of her work as Women’s Initiative Chair at the Grammys. She has also been involved with a number of initiatives trying to increase diversity in the music industry and continues to be a role model for young women everywhere.

On December 6, 2014, Desiree Perez gave an inspiring speech about her time as a woman in music. Billboard’s Women In Music event will be honoring four women who continue to break the mold and make great strides for women everywhere; their names are Kelly Clarkson, Niki Minaj, Jill Scott, and Tori Kelly. Go Here for related Information.

Perez’s start in music was as a record promoter and eventually, she joined the company of Overbrook Music, where her husband L.A. Reid was employed as CEO and founder.

How Edgard Corona is Emulating Planet Fitness through Smartfit

Starting any business and hoping to achieve success is always very difficult. There are very many issues that the industry is bringing about, which are not friendly to business owners. Anyone who wants to start an organization and have a record of success must consistently demonstrate that they are just better than other individuals in the same industry. Edgard Corona seems to have mastered the art of venturing into the business environment using some orthodox strategies.

Edgard Corona is the face behind Smartfit, which is a leading gym in the United States. The facility has become popular over the years, which has made him be a celebrity within the country. However, his success is based on the fact that he was able to copy what other gyms were doing around the world and managed to implement the same idea in Brazil and other countries in Latin America.

Originality is an important aspect. It helps a business owner to stand out in their industry because there is no person who has a similar idea. However, to Edgard Corona, originality does not play any role in the business sector. Copying a successful idea and being original does not matter. What really matters is whether an individual will be able to achieve success through the various ideas and strategies they will be using in their business operations and activities around the world.

Edgard Corona copied his fitness idea from Planet Fitness, which is a fitness organization operating in the United States. The fitness organization has more than one thousand gym facilities across the United States and is currently the world leader in this area. However, Corona has implemented a similar idea in another region. He has managed to pull a huge level of success, which very many individuals never thought he would have managed to achieve owing to the level of competition.

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Thomas Neyhart PosiGen CEO: A Community Company

PosiGen is a solar energy installment company 100% committed to the communities it serves. Homeowners can choose from solar energy installment leasing or purchasing with either decision providing saving benefits to the customer. As Thomas Neyhart assures, PosiGen offers an evaluation of your home for implementing energy-efficient maintenance. Free demonstrations are available. The use of solar energy first involves PosiGen designing and engineering for your specific home. 


PosiGen solar power company does the work for you by seeking permits and approval to install. Then, comes the installation. Once installation is inspected and accepted, PosiGen activates its services. For leasing customers, a low, fixed monthly payment that includes monitoring and maintenance of your solar energy system. According to Thomas Neyhart, current CEO at PosiGen, no minimum credit required and a no-cost upfront because the installation is included in your monthly payment. Homeowners will have the benefit of having no electricity bill, a low electricity bill, or building up electricity credit for any future bills incurred. 


For homeowners wishing to purchase their system, an increased home value is the highest reward achieved. Financing options with a 12-year agreement to monitor your solar panel system are included with your installation. PosiGen does not exclude the non-solar panel buyer when delivering its benefits to the homeowner community. Energy-efficient audits are conducted on specific areas such as windows, plumbing, and doors to name a few. Your duct system, Thomas Neyhart points out when talking about procedures at PosiGen company, ceilings, and walls could contain correctable flaws to decrease your monthly utility bills. Once maintenance is complete homeowners can add the value of this money-saving technique to the price of selling in the future.

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