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Vinod Gupta: A Businessman, Educationist And Philanthropist

An article entitled “Omaha Native Vinod Gupta Spreads The Wealth: The Continous Cycle Of Prosperity Through Targeted Philanthropy”, talks about how few entrepreneurs feed into the cyclical system of resounding success in a poignant, meaningful, insightful, and truly selfless way. He’s also understood the vast value of education and has seen the opportunities that education has allotted him firsthand.

Born in India and later moved to the USA, Vinod Gupta is an entrepreneur and an investor. He is the managing partner and chairman at the Everest Group. Vinod is also the founder member of the Data Axle. He is a holder of a bachelor’s in Agricultural Engineering and a master’s in Agricultural Engineering and Business.

Apart from being in business apart from thriving in business, Vinod Gupta believes that everything that we own should be given back to society since it gives us the chance to own wealth in the first place. This belief is what has made Gupta a huge philanthropist of the time.

He is the founder of the Vinod Gupta School of Management. This is an institution that enables graduates to have leadership skills in addition to their technical skills gained from different universities. He initiated the school in 1991, and since then, the institution has acquired an alumnus throughout the USA and Canada.

In addition, Vinod has established a charitable foundation where the alumnus come together and raise funds to help overcome a crisis that emerges in the current times.

The COVID-19 pandemic has badly hit the world, almost bringing everything to a standstill. The situation is much better today since there is a vaccine. However, the developed countries acquired the highest percentage of the vaccine, leaving out the 3rd world countries scrambling for it. India was one of the countries that were hit the most. It reported the highest numbers of infections and deaths due to the disease. While all the charitable organizations took the effort to help India relieve the CoVID-19 situation, Vinod Gupta was among the first persons to donate over fifty million dollars.

Having grown in India with very little development, no roads, no electric power, and essentials such as toilets, he felt obliged to help his country through this. He is also one of the people who gave charity to people left jobless in the pandemic. Go to this page for more information.


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