Krishen Iyer Is A Successful Insurance Entrepreneur

Growing up, Krishen Iyer worked hard. Successful entrepreneur Krishen Iyer graduated from Bullard High School in 1998. From there, he soon moved to San Diego where he attended San Diego State University. A member of the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, he easily graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and urban development. From here, his life really began and he soon found his calling. His start, however, was in the field of insurance. It wasn’t a boring time in his life however. He made sales, managed lead companies and even created traffic for affiliate insurance distribution centers. This experience gave him the skills he needed to truly succeed in his area of expertise. 


Entering The World Of The Founder


Using the skills he gained, Krishen Iyer entered the world of entrepreneurship. He became the founder of Managed Benefits Services. This was a full service marketing and consultancy that provided support and opportunities for insurance-based businesses (Pinterest). 


Iyer, however, recently sold the company in order to pursue more lucrative opportunities. More specifically, this meant the creation of his new project: MAIS Consulting Firm. Like Krishen Iyer´s other ventures, MAIS Consulting firm also specializes in the field of insurance. This new firm, however, aims to help other companies find success in the insurance distribution industry. Krishen Iyer’s newest venture, however, is just one more of the many companies he has built and made a success. As passionate about work as he is about finance and family, it’s clear that his newest venture will also find the success it deserves. 

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