QNET, a legit direct selling business

QNET scam is a vague propaganda carried round by business competitors. This is because QNET a legit online that offers the opportunity to people to transact and carry out business online through direct selling. The sellers get an opportunity to sell what they have, and the buyers can ask for what they require. The customers get their high-quality products while allowing the sellers to promote these products. Learn more

Reasons why QNET is a legit business

It has more than two decades of direct selling industry experience

Since its establishment, it has been operational throughout without fail for over the last 20 years. This has helped people get their products easily and quickly without traveling to where the producer is necessary. Furthermore, it has created job opportunities for micro-entrepreneurs who find it hard to invest traditionally. Therefore, QNET scam myths are baseless.

 It operates in countries with stringent consumer protection laws

Every international business must adhere to the set standards of the countries they are willing to transact their businesses in. these countries that QNET operates in include Rwanda, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Malaysia. All these countries have consumer protection laws that prohibit any fake businesses from operating. It proves, therefore, that this business has met all the requirements to operate in these countries. Allegations about QNET scam lacks validity.

It pays commissions based entirely on products sold

The business is designed to pay commissions only on the sale of a product sold, which is not differentiated between those who joined earlier or later, unlike other businesses that pay based on entry time. Therefore, this puts the business in the limelight of being legal as opposed to those claiming to be scams.

Though there have been cases of scam businesses all over the world, QNET cannot fall in the category of fake businesses since it has met the requirements and customers have built confidence in their service delivery.

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