Sparkasse Bank Malta Investment Banker

Russell is not new to the business. He has a history in logistics services and has assisted on the sale of a greatly important interest in transportation-management software firm 3GTMS to Sumeru Equity Partners, as well as Körber AG’s acquisition of HighJump Software. He also worked for Citigroup for nearly a decade, covering significant transportation businesses.

Russell currently spends the majority of his energy focused on the tandem of technology and a range of traditional manufacturing industries, with supply chain management  — which entails the transfer of $700 billion in freight throughout the United States — being a particularly active area of concentration. It has the potential to introduce new technology to both traditional retailers who have a physical location and industrial plants, as well as omnichannel commerce start-ups. Russell feels that the supply chain is undergoing a tremendous technological transition right now, one that includes a range of cloud-based apps in addition to facility and transport administration.

Over a hundred firms currently provide procurement and supply chain technologies, with the goal of automating conventional distribution systems. Storage, shipping, packing, and customer orders are all high functionality. Within that universe of options, there is a debate between implementation and connectivity methods. The latter comprises huge corporations obtaining a slew of cloud capabilities, blurring the lines between different initiatives. Oracle and SAP, for example, have long offered extensive bundles of point solutions that are linked to a central business resource planning system and powered by cloud computing.

Today, e-commerce is the most important factor propelling investments in software solutions. Customers’ expectations for speed and dependability are increasing, and both shops and online stores are failing to meet them. Technology has become a vital component in dealing with the complexity of having to service all channels equally well while using a huge stream of market and client purchasing habits data.


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