What You Should Expect If Our Attorneys at Dean Omar Branham and Shirley are Involved in Your Lawsuit


When you face workplace malpractice, like being exposed to asbestos, it can be hard for you to file a case against your employer. But Dean Omar Branham Shirley is here to guide you on what exactly you should do when facing any mistreatment at work. We pride ourselves on helping employees navigate the legal process when they file a case against the employer. Dean Omar has a professional and competent team of legal experts committed to helping you in the best possible way when you want an expert to represent you in court because of being a victim of workplace malpractices.

Our Areas of Specialization

Dean Omar Branham Shirley is a Texas-based law firm that protects your rights when violated by your employer. We specialize in several legal practice areas, including unpaid wage claims, asbestos exposure, and more. When you stop working because of being exposed to asbestos or any other job misconduct, you deserve to be paid all your remaining wages or even get fair compensation if you suffer from severe damages. We can provide legal advice and representation to help you get the results that fit your situation. 

Dean Omar Branham Shirley is a law Firm to Count On

If there is a misunderstanding between you and your employer that you feel you’re not happy with, share it with our legal experts to get professional advice and help. If you want the problem resolved in court, we will provide the best representation to help you get the outcomes you deserve.

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