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 Activision Blizzard is Right

Activision Blizzard is right to not side with Russia, as it seems that in recent news, it has cut off its ties with them entirely; that is good news for us, everywhere, who oppose this merciless, evil war of Russian armies on the innocent people and land of Ukraine, respectively. May such a drastic war be over very soon and good people suffer no more. The way that we can all help to ensure that this happens is by simply cutting any and all ties with the merciless, dictator run country. We need to continue to cut off Putin’s supply so that he has nowhere left to go, and nowhere else to run to, and no one left to depend on (not even the terrible president of China, who currently seems to be taking his dictator point of view and side on the matter… shame on him, too).

Anyways, Activision Blizzard has recently stood its ground, with both feet firmly planted on the ground and not budging for a single second on the issue. Activision Blizzard did what was right for everyone, and let it stand as a powerful testimony to their business. May gamers, and even company investors, as well as potential prospects, see this and rejoice. Activision Blizzard believes in defending freedom everywhere, even if it costs them some money in the process. Doing right, after all, has no dollar sign or limit on it… we do what we do, because it is the right thing, regardless of how it turns out for us in the end.

If you’ve played any of the games this company offers, you’ll know it makes some of the best around in multiple kinds of genres. If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, just Google them. They’ll pop up in your tab right away. Read more HERE: https://investor.activision.com/news-releases/news-release-details/activision-blizzard-commits-expanded-workplace-initiatives

 Du Shuanghua Recap

China’s Du Shuanghua and the Sale of Rizhao Steel to Shandong Iron & Steel Group in 2010

Rizhao Steel is a leading Chinese manufacturer of hot-rolled coil steel, with a capacity of 3.2 million tons per year. For over ten years, the company has been a pillar of the East China metropolis of Rizhao. Its production of large quantities of steel and its central location has made it a target for many foreign investors. Despite its many challenges, including the transition from a planned economy to a market economy, the company has thrived because of its high-quality products and reliable workforce.

The Rizhao Steel Triangle is a geographic area consisting of three cities east of the Shandong province: Rizhao, Jiaodong, and Linyi. It is an important center for the production of steel in China. The area is known for its abundant iron ore deposits, the raw material used to produce steel.

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Reasons for Sale of Rizhao Steel to Shandong Iron & Steel Group

Rizhao Steel was founded in 2003 by Du Shuanghua to become a nationwide supplier of high-quality steel products.

The government’s stimulus programs, reduced interest rates, and rising incomes helped significantly boost the country’s steel consumption. But the price of imported steel rose rapidly, so domestic steel producers had to pass on the burden to consumers. This resulted in a sharp reduction in steel prices for consumers, which made it hard for Rizhao Steel to break even.

In 2006 Du Shuanghua sold 67% of the company to Shandong Iron & Steel Group and the remaining part in 2010.

When Rizhao Steel company was looking to raise fresh capital for its expansion plan, it turned to its local government for support. Instead of financing the company, the local government officials tried to sell the company making it hard for the company to survive.


In the past 15 years, the Rizhao Steel Triangle has seen many changes in its production industry. While the global steel demand has dropped, its demand in China has increased.

The Significant Contribution of CashFX to the Global Economy

CFX Academy offers a unique experience in Forex matters enabling the learners to master all the essential tips in the overseas exchange market.

Its offices are situated in a strategic position in the city of Panama that is easy to access and capable of accommodating 150 students.

CFX observes high levels of respect, transparency, and integrity in every operation to gain trust and reliance from its members.

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As a result, CashFX Academy has obtained many positive reviews from many students who have benefitted from its programs.

One of the primary satisfactions is that you can earn while learning the concepts of various strategies of the investments through real training.

Its system is broken down into various segments, including:

  • With comprehension, you can learn every detail about the financial market matters that will greatly benefit the future.
  • Implementation, success comes because of proper implementation.
  • The academy always ensures that you gain all the essential skills of a successful trader that you may put that knowledge to work effectively for you.
  • Accomplishment, upon graduation, you will have a great comprehension of all the vital skills that will enable you to have a profitable finance career.

Trading Academy Pack (TAP) enables you to gain access to the trading experts who give you guidance on modern trading inventiveness.

The contract of Cash range from $300 to $100 k. whenever you invest, a bigger percentage of investment, up to 70%, is deposited on the Trading pool, and the rest, 30%, comes to TAP.

Whenever you decide to join CashFX, you must highlight whether you are an investor (Bear) or you want to build a network (Bull).

The Bear earns twice the amount of the investment while the bull earns double the amount of money invested from the trading pool plus the double amount of the networking side.

Learn more about CashFX: https://cfxeurope.com/how-it-works-2/

Visit Dr. Jejurikar Office for Best Surgery

When interested in surgery in Texas, Dr. Jejurikar’s office is the best place to go. He offers plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgery. For more than 25 years, being in the industry has equipped him with the best experience. Also, graduating from a good medical school helped him acquire the best skills. In 1997, he graduated from Michigan University Medical School.

To learn more about Dr. Jejurikar, a board-certified plastic surgeon with offices in Dallas visit at https://www.crunchbase.com/person/dr-sameer-jejurikar

Many patients love Dr. Jejurikar due to his great service. These are patients interested in plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgery. Besides, he works with several health institutions across Texas. For instance, he treats at Baylor University Medical Center health facilities. Also, he offers his services at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. Not forgetting, he is also affiliated with Baylor Scott & White Health facilities.

Alex Pissios’ Determination to Increase Jobs in the Local Film Industry

Alex Pissios is passionate about the film industry, mainly on how it benefits the community in general. He believes that a sturdy film business is beneficial to all those who participate in it. His happiness is mostly revolves around different movies, acting and what the film business brings to those who are committed to showcase their talent.

In 2011, Alex Pissios founded Cinespace Chicago Film Studios alongside his uncle Nick Mirkopoulos. Together they built a 70-acre studio that has been used to host more than 40 television and movie projects. All through the years, Cinespace Chicago Film Studios has ensured to continue training and giving access to all those locally interested in the film sector.

Also, Pisssios attracts and partners with other production companies for continued success in the industry. Some of the professional companies he and his uncle Nick Mirkopoulos have worked with include AbelCine, 321 Fast Draw and two post production companies, including Bam Studios and Periscope Post & Audio.

To ensure success and creation of more jobs in his locale, Alex Pissios has a 24-week crew solid training program. It includes 33 West Side Youth who show up and about 60% of them are deeply into getting fully attached to the film business. In 2013, Cinespace Chicago Film Studios benefited more when it partnered with DePaul University three soundstages. Through the School of Cinematic Arts, Pissios and his partners were able to invest up to $2 million in several TV shows.

Among the famous films produced by Cinespace Chicago Film Studios, together with other soundstages, include Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Divergent, among others. Today, Alex Pissios film studios contains at least 36 soundstages and has been featured in Chicago Magazine as one that has created thousands of jobs in Hollywood and other films. Additionally, Alex Pissios has helped create billions of dollars in the film business.

Sudhir Choudhrie Emphasizes on the Importance of Partnerships

While carrying out any business activity, people must partner to achieve growth. No single business is self-sufficient, and there is a need for suppliers, consumers, and other people in the same business. Once a person can work with others well, the chances of growth are greater than someone who does it alone. Partnerships could mean selling shares and changing from a sole proprietorship and the ability to connect with people in business who can help actualize your dream.

Sudhir Choudhrie is a businessman born in India who later obtained citizenship in the United Kingdom. He is well-known for his authority in the business world with decades of experience in managing businesses in various industries. He started as an importer of second-hand television sets and has grown to own multi-billion businesses, including Magnum International Trading Company and the CEO of Alpha Corporation Group.

Sudhir Choudhrie attributes part of his success to the partnerships he has formed with many businesspeople. He believes people are assets, have immense knowledge, and are always willing to help when asked. He has always been intentional with the connections he makes, and these people have helped him grow his businesses. These partnerships also offer a chance for him to learn various things. He allows people to help him run his business and takes this as an opportunity to learn. The right partnerships can also help business owners to meet new people and penetrate new markets. Partnering with someone of influence in a particular place can help you access new markets with ease.

These partnerships have helped Sudhir Choudhrie learn and gain a lot of knowledge in various fields, making him into the person he is today. He has assets in the hospitality industry, real estate, finance, and health industry. He encourages more people not to be afraid of partnering as long as the person is trustworthy and can help one achieve a certain goal.

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Productivity Hacks with David Black

David Black is a Managing Director at BAM (Balyasny Asset Management) and known for his numerous accomplishments in the industry. He has years of experience working as financial personnel. Although Black had a passion for this field, he appreciated that it was insufficient. He learned many things that led to his successful accomplishments during his career. Here are some productivity hacks from David Black.

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Time Management

David Black notes that managing your time can help you do more in your daily routine. He advises that one should be active while avoiding things that could disrupt achieving their daily goals. Instead, you should prioritize your tasks.

In addition to prioritizing your tasks, be sure to have a list of things to do every day. This is crucial in having high productivity results as it will help you reflect and keep track of your daily goals.

Begin Your Morning Right

Another hack that David Black believes is crucial in attaining success is ensuring that you begin your morning right. It is essential to have a routine to help you focus on your set goals.

You can do this by having morning meditation or exercise, including yoga Nidra and walks. This helps you increase neurotransmitters as well as reset your mind.

Teamwork is Crucial

Black acknowledges that teamwork had a significant impact on his success. Before moving to Point72, black worked at StreetAccount, where he had great teams that led to his success. He then began his firm while still holding the position of Managing director at BAM.

Black also emphasizes investing time in your team. He notes that this engagement positively impacts your team’s performance. As a supervisor, you should show respect to your team and the willingness to help them advance.

Look for a Mentor

Having a good mentor is key to attaining success in any industry. A mentor guides you in every move you make on your way to success. They also help you grow, face challenges, and learn throughout your career journey. Also, most workers with mentors have high chances of job promotion.

 Vijay Eswaran Maintains His Position as a Successful CEO

Businesses that don’t take care of their most important assets are doomed in the long run. For national economies, the same holds. Gender inequality wastes enormous amounts of human capital, but why do we tolerate it? Shouldn’t this be one of the top economic concerns on the global agenda?

According to Vijay Eswaran, in contrast, 77% of men work outside of the agricultural sector, while only 50% of women do so. Twenty years ago, this gap in workforce participation was barely reduced. Even worse, as you move up the corporate ladder, the wage disparity only widens. The percentage of Fortune 500 CEOs who are female has decreased by a quarter in the last year, to just fewer than 5%. That’s a sobering thought.

At the recent UN General Assembly, Vijay Eswaran had the opportunity to speak with business and NGOs leaders about these issues at the Concordia Top of the mountain and the World Economic Forum.

Vijay Eswaran said, it appears that men do very little to close the gender divide. As with the women’s suffrage movement at the dawn of the twentieth century, advocacy for women’s suffrage is largely led by women. We won’t see much progress on gender equality until men realize that they have a role to play. The time has come for men to take the reins and work with women to find a solution to this problem.

Another problem is that few corporate leaders seem to grasp the fact that gender inequality affects the bottom line as well as morals and human rights. It’s the most significant impediment to economic growth and a major cause of modern labor market distortion. The global economy suffers as a result of the methodical misallocation of resources that result as results from this policy.

By 2025, going to close the gender gap is estimated to add $28 trillion to the global economy, a 26% increase. The US and Chinese GDPs would be equal to this dividend. More and more studies now show a strong connection between women’s economic empowerment and economic growth. Put another way, businesses and civilizations are more likely to prosper when women have more control over their finances as income earners and landowners.

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Hughes Marino Buyer Representation Firm


Hughes Marino is a San Diego law firm that serves the legal needs of individuals, businesses, and public entities. With more than 100 attorneys practicing in eleven different areas of law, the firm represents some of San Diego’s most prominent companies and institutions. The Hughes Marino Firm has an established reputation for excellence in litigation, business law, and municipal representation. Our team has successfully represented clients before the U.S. Supreme Court and secured numerous significant jury verdicts for clients who others have wronged. 


For three consecutive years, Chambers USA has ranked Hughes Marino representation firm as one of the Top 25 non-city firms in California for plaintiffs’ litigation among all firms with 20 or fewer lawyers. In 2014, the National Law Journal named the firm one of the Top 25 law firms for corporate transactions. Hughes Marino was founded in 1920 and headquartered in downtown San Diego at the same location since 1922. The Firm’s lawyers work closely to provide clients with a superior level of service and attention. 


Hughes Marino is consistently recognized by other San Diego firms as a top choice for lateral partners and associates, as demonstrated again in 2016 by Vault’s ranking of Hughes Marino among the Top Ten firms. This, for lateral partner hires in San Diego County. The Hughes Marino buyer and tenant representation Firm has an extensive pro bono program, and its attorneys participate in various community service projects. 


The outstanding Hughes Marino Firm also participates in the San Diego Pro Bono Project, which coordinates pro bono volunteers and the organizations that refer them to pro bono work. The buyer and tenant representation firm serves clients from offices throughout California and its recently opened office in Phoenix, Arizona. Hughes Marino attorneys advise clients on business transactions, and teams of Hughes lawyers regularly defend complex litigation matters for individual clients across the United States.

Thomas Neyhart, PosiGen CEO

Thomas Neyhart is the CEO of PosiGen, a leading provider of residential solar PV and energy efficiency solutions. He has extensive experience in the energy sector, having served as a manager at major international corporations, including BP, ExxonMobil, and Chevron


  1. Achievements of Thomas Neyhart


PosiGen is the first company to successfully commercialize a solution for high efficiency, low-cost solar PV manufacturing with high-quality products. He is also the founder of two successful startups, one of which involved developing innovative technology for industrial applications. His first startup built a light bulb that was patented. Up to now, Thomas Neyhart achieved the PosiGen company to become one of the fastest growing in the US.


  1. Strengths


Thomas is an incredibly talented engineer and entrepreneur. He possesses great leadership skills, both in the corporate and entrepreneurial ecosystems. He is also a very good speaker with a good sense of humor. He has never failed to address an audience with his speeches and presentations.


  1. Interests


The CEO of PosiGen Thomas Neyhart is an avid outdoorsman. He enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping and has climbed 4 of the world’s 7 highest mountains. He also has a passion for music and played the bass guitar in his high school marching band.


  1. Personal Qualities

Thomas is a very kind and caring person who is always willing to help those in need or with a problem. He has been known to give away his last dollar to those who need it. He loves spending time with his family and friends, especially his wife and children. The solar industry has been under constant scrutiny for years. It’s time to turn the corner, and the industry needs more positive faces like Thomas Neyhart to lead it in the right direction. Thomas is an extremely intelligent, talented, and driven individual who has proven that he can successfully build companies and manage them well.